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May 24, 2022

Why Does The World Hate Christians?

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The above question appeared upon Quora, the question and answer site. I suggest that the world does not and should not hate Christians as it is Christianity and what its various versions ask their congregations to do which they should hate.

When addressing Christianity, atheists like me often bring up problematic aspects of it, such as the Crusades, support for slavery, male domination of women, Hell and infinite punishment, etc. But all of that, while true, misses the big mark. Here are three quotes from a book I am reading now (Atheism: The Case Against God) that I will be reviewing when I finish reading it.

“The misology of the Bible is its most repugnant trait; there is a constant demand that one must believe without evidence or thought, and that one must regard absurdity as a desirable aspect of Christianity. To accept faith in the biblical sense means to believe in defiance of rational guidelines; it is blatantly anti-reason, and the biblical writers make no effort to conceal this fact.”

“This tie between faith and virtue is responsible for the Christian equation of doubt and disbelief with immorality. One is not morally free to investigate the truth of the Christian doctrine by means of reason; instead, one must believe uncritically or be condemned as immoral. A man is thus forced to choose between morality and truth, virtue and reason. The paragon of virtue, according to this view, is the man who refuses critically to evaluate his ideas—and one can scarcely imagine a more vicious form of irrationalism.”

“The threat of punishment for disbelief is the crowning touch of Christian misology. Believe in Jesus—regardless of evidence or justification—or be subjected to agonizing torture. With this theme reverberating throughout the New Testament, we have intellectual intimidation, transcendental blackmail, in its purest form. Threats replace argumentation, and irrationality gains the edge over reason through an appeal to brute force. Man’s ability to think and question becomes his most dangerous liability, and the intellectually frightened, docile, unquestioning believer is presented as the exemplification of moral perfection.”

Here is the definition of “misology” for those of you who do not know this word (I did not): (noun) distrust or hatred of reason or reasoning.

In my humble opinion, this is the greatest failing of Christianity, which shows it to be a population control mechanism and little else. Obey or suffer the consequences is the clear threat being made.

In the Bizarro World of Christianity, faith is touted as a way of acquiring knowledge that is superior to that of reason. A more blatant lie cannot be uttered. I challenge anyone who claims this is true to list all of the things they have learned through faith. I know many will immediately respond that when they read their Bible, they have faith that what they are reading is true. But that is not knowledge you acquired through faith. That is knowledge you acquired through the writings of others. How is it that you acquire knowledge through faith? Honestly.

When works of science are read, they are not to be believed or disbelieved. In fact, published scientific papers are required to list the procedures and equipment used so that if a skeptical reader wants to confirm the findings, they can. Doubt is hard-wired into the process.

Reason has all kinds of rules regarding how one acquires knowledge and sifts out error, e.g. the scientific method, the rules of logic, the laws of mathematics, etc. Faith has no such mechanisms, in fact, Christians are not allowed to question faith as they are immediately told they are in error should they do so. So, faith cannot have an epistemology, because it would involve looking at how faith discovers knowledge, and that is not allowed.


  1. Ah, there you go using them big words again… (grin)

    The quotes from the book and your own comments are spot on. No religion can fully embrace reason and logic without people learning rather quickly that most religions are built upon falsehoods, logical fallacies, circular reasoning and outright myth, so the first and most important thing that they must do is somehow persuade you to abandon logic and reason. They have to control not only every aspect of your life they also have to control your thoughts as well.

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    Comment by grouchyfarmer — May 24, 2022 @ 10:49 pm | Reply

  2. Instead of proactive strategies like crusades and abortion laws Christians should simply live Christ and tell anyone interested.

    God’s standard is holiness- absolute purity. At the end of the day everyone will be refined accordingly. Therefore fire.

    Knowledge isn’t acquired by faith. The ‘knowledge of God’ is received in the thousand-and-one common things that come my way.


    Comment by Arnold — May 26, 2022 @ 7:19 pm | Reply

    • Arnold, I think you are at odds with most Christians, especially evangelicals. You sound like an acolyte of John Shelby Spong. Most Christian dogma says that man’s reason is limited and then he must turn to faith to “know” God, etc., etc.


      Comment by Steve Ruis — May 26, 2022 @ 9:52 pm | Reply

      • It’s the bible as I see it Steve. Jesus walked by faith, received everything in his path as from the Father.


        Comment by Arnold — May 27, 2022 @ 12:49 am | Reply

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