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December 20, 2015

Post No. 997 So Long and Thanks for All The Fish

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Dear Friends,
I have had a change in vocational obligations and so to make room for those efforts I am giving up this blog. I was waiting to make the 1000th post mark but have decided that that was kind of silly, so I am pulling the plug now.

Since I cherish the relationships I have formed with those of you who comment regularly, I will continue to keep in touch through comments on your blogs. Thanks for all of the feedback, encouragement, and praise along the way. And don’t give up the fight. We built the middle class of our memory before, we can do it again (this time I hope it does not involve a World War).


Parting Shot
I finally figured out what American Exceptionalism means! It was so simple, I just didn’t see it. It goes like this:

The United States is the greatest country in the world! … except for all of the guns and gun violence … except for all of economic bullying around the world … except for all the warmongering and arms selling … except for the racism and homophobia … except for all the religious hatred … except … except …

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