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April 12, 2023

Hacks That Make You Hack

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The Internet is chock-a-block full of various DIY hacks that are supposed to make your life easier. As a former magazine editor, however, I have a keen eye for when the photo accompanying the “hack” is out of line with the text. Here are a few examples.

The Potato Hack
Back when we had incandescent light bulbs, the thin glass used had a tendency to break and then only razor sharp shards of glass were protruding from the bulb base, so the question was how to get the broken bulb out. The hack offered was to use a bar of hand soap or a potato, which you could impale on the glass shards and then use as a handle to remove the broken bulb. But look at the photo offered to illustrate this hack:

The bulb they chose for their “photo shoot” is a compact fluorescent bulb which has a substantial ceramic base. Just grab the base and twist, idiot!

The Spray Cooking Oil Hack
If you have a squeaky hinge, one quick fix is spraying the hinge with WD-40. (Note—this is a quick fix but not a good one. It is best to tap the hinge pins up far enough to apply a suitable grease and then reseat them; this will last much longer than a “penetrating oil” will.) But If you just ran out of WD-40 and your party is scheduled to start in an hour, what is a DYI home owner to do? Just use a cooking spray as an alternative to WD-40. The cooking spray I use is a combination of Canola oil and a propellant, which would work, but look at the photo they used!

That is spray on butter! It will not (a) penetrate, (b) lubricate, and (c) come off of the wall paint without leaving an oily stain.

The Caulking Tip
Here is the text for this “hack.” “An experienced handyman once told us that you can use painter’s masking tape to get a crisp, clean line. Just make sure to remove the tape before the caulk dries fully.” But look at the “illustrative” photo:

For one they don’t show the use of the tape for caulking, but for painting, its primary use. The DIY painter is also making a bloody mess of things but I have to ask “since the base molding paint color seems identical to the wall color, why was masking even employed?” The idea is to keep one color of paint off of another or caulk off of a surface you don’t want it on.

October 26, 2022

Please Don’t

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I wrote a post “You Can’t Make This Shit Up” on January 8th, 2022. Since then it has acquired over 150 comments, which would be fine, but the comments are not about the post, they are about related topics.

People, this is not a discussion site. If you want to tell me why my post was right or wrong or how much you agree or how far up my ass my head is, that is fine. But back-and-forth discussions are not the purpose of this blog and just chew up a lot of storage space. I have gone so far as to disallow further comments on that post, but I hate doing that because somebody might come along, read the post and have a comment that might teach me something but now they cannot.

So, if you find yourself responding to another commenter at length or multiple times (and I specifically mention ragnarsbhut and carolmalasia) please don’t. I do not want to block your comments globally, but if this practice continues, I may have to.

So, make a comment and then go on your own blog and expand on your comment to your heart’s content, please.

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