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November 22, 2022

I Am So Spoiled . . .

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I am spoiled because of the spellchecker in Microsoft Word. Now I know the limitations of spellcheckers, e.g. they only find 60% of misspellings, etc. But Microsoft Word’s checker is one of the best, if not the best, and I learned this quite some time ago. (So, one thing Microsoft managed to not fuck up.)

So, I was typing a response to a comment one of my posts attracted and typed “stupic” rather than “stupid.” The c and d keys are adjacent, you see, and I am a hunt-and-peck typist. So, the WordPress spell checker caught this typo and offered the following possibly correct spellings: stoic, stupa, and stupas. WTF? A stupa is a dome-shaped structure erected as a Buddhist shrine. How many times do you think that comes up in blog post comments? Sheesh. (So much so that Word flagged stupa and stupas as being possible misspellings!)

In typing this out in Word, Word caught the stupic typo and offered two possibly correct spellings: stupid and stoic. As a matter of course, when I spell check even long documents, the correct spelling for my typos is in Word’s top five suggestions, at least 95% of the time and the #1 suggestion is often the one I wanted. I also write a lot on odd topics: philosophy, archery, etc. which use considerable jargon.

So, spoiled I am.

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