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March 29, 2013

The “WetBack” Problem

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All of the MSNBC talking heads had their hair on fire tonight because of a gaffe made by Alaskan Congressman Don Young who made the comment “My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes.” The outrage was focused on the term “wetback.” (Rebublicans were supposed to be currying favor with Hispanics and got confused because they associated curry with India.)

The unfortunate aspect of the parade of disapprobation was that the key point was missed by one and all. Apparently the ranch or farm (apparently in my home state California) hired what they thought were undocumented workers to pick their tomatoes. (For you conservatives, undocumented workers are what you call “illegal aliens” or “illegals.”) And this is the problem with the entire illegal immigration issue. And everybody knows that it is. Let me show you.

Question to You Why to people come here illegally?
You To get jobs?

See, I told you. You got it in one! There would be no illegal immigration if those coming here illegally couldn’t get jobs. The solution in virtually all of the other civilized countries is to require work permits for everybody. We apparently can’t do that because “this is ‘Merica!” or some other such nonsense.

The real reason why we can’t solve this easily soluble problem is that there are a great many people in this country who benefit from having a supply of cheap labor, labor which won’t run to the authorities because of some minor labor regulation violations, who won’t form a union or stage a wildcat strike. All right, boys and girls, can you guess who it is who wants to hire such workers? Can yuh?

Yep, it’s those same scum sucking job creators . . . the same gods damned conservatives who are blocking immigration reform.

It is time to try going on without conservatives. There are in this country but are out only for themselves. So, let’s put them out. Ship back where they came from if a large enough rock can be found for them to crawl back under.


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