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November 16, 2020

I Am So Glad Trump is Still Fighting the Election

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Imagine the damage he could do if he turned his attention of burning down the house before eviction day.

I believe he will do more mischief, but the longer he gnaws on the bone of “I was cheated, I tells yuh!” the less attention he has to doing more destructive things.

Hey, Donald, you were cheated! I think you should protest more! Maybe file some more law suits! Maybe have AG Barr looking for all of those voter fraudsters and put them in jail!

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Trump and God: No Evidence Required

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Apparently Mr. Trump’s bevy of top drawer attorneys are running around filing myriad state lawsuits trying to change the outcome of the recent presidential election. So far, all of the suits have come to naught because of a lack of evidence for the “voter fraud” being claimed as being at the heart of these suits.

Mr. Trump’s supporters seem to think their claims are valid, even though they have seen no evidence of it either. Apparently a claim on the Internet is good enough for them.

This is all in keeping with Mr. Trump’s evangelical Christian base. They have never needed evidence for beliefs before, why should they start now?

(Sing it with me! “Gimme that old time Internet, gimme that old time Internet, that old time Internet is good enough for me!”)

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