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June 28, 2021

It Is Easy to Be Confused

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I read two blog posts recently, one that stated that none of the vaccinated (in the US) are dying from COVID-19 and the other (from the UK) that only the vaccinated are dying from COVID-19. Actually, both are true.

In the US, the unvaccinated are many, just under half of the population. In the UK, the percent vaccinated is approaching two thirds.

The vaccines are reported to be in the mid-90’s% in preventive effectiveness, which is not 100%, so the vaccinated will still be getting sick, but the vaccines also prevent more severe symptoms, so the vaccinated getting the disease will be dying at a lower rate.

Consider a hypothetical region that is 100% vaccinated. What is the death rate of the unvaccinated? It is zero, of course. The death rate of the vaccinated must be higher, by default, but what people don’t hear is that the death rate is much lower than it had been for the unvaccinated. So, the vaccinated dying at a higher rate than the unvaccinated is a logical consequence of a vaccination program.

I wish that headline writers would strive to be more accurate and more complete.

Otherwise you end up with people seeing “None of the Vaccinated are Dying” and “Only the Vaccinated are Dying” and those who are not detail oriented throw up their hands and claim that “you can’t trust the news media because everything changes at the drop of a hat. Or the ideologues choose which stories to “pass on” to others who are like-minded.

In writing this I realize that a great many of the “issues of the day” have been treated the same way, exacerbating our divisions.

Do you have any ideas as to how to fix this? (Obviously expecting more from the general population isn’t going to work as it hasn’t worked for forever.)

May 15, 2021

Trolling AntiVaxxers

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The online agency called “Vice” had a piece with the header “Anti-Maskers to Start Masking—To Protect Themselves from the Vaccinated.” And I thought to myself, “this is effing brilliant.”

All we need to is spread a little fake news, a favorite tool of the anti-vax crowd, and voilà, we are all better off!

Here is how it goes: we post comments that the vaccinated are contagious . . . from the vaccine. And the only way for anti-vax people to protect themselves is by wearing a mask, social distancing, and lots and lots of hand washing.


Wish I had thought of it first!

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