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March 21, 2018

But That’s the Fun!

Filed under: Religion,Science — Steve Ruis @ 12:13 pm


NASA has a satellite orbiting Jupiter right now, called Juno. Juno has been providing never before seen data about the largest planet in our solar system and that data is shredding previous conjectures about how that planet should act.

“The data’s telling us our ideas are all wrong,” says Randy Gladstone, lead investigator of Juno’s ultraviolet spectrograph. “But that’s the fun.”

“But that’s the fun.”

Scientists don’t mind being proven wrong because that means they are making progress. Just as driving down a dead-end road won’t get you anywhere, using incorrect theories to make predictions only gets you wrong answers, and wrong answers are what are sought out as proof the theory needs adjusting, as well as providing hints as to how to adjust them as a good theory always accounts for the vast majority of known facts.

Now imagine a biblical archeologist in the “holy land” declaiming over a new discovery, such as the city of Jericho having no walls in the period described in the Bible in which Jericho’s walls “came tumbling down.”

“The data’s telling us our ideas are all wrong,” says Dr. Bert Blather, lead archeologist on the Jericho excavations. “But that’s the fun.”

How long do you think he would keep his job, do you think?

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