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May 9, 2020

The Royals v. The Tabloids

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It seems the main reason to have royals of the British sort now is so the tabloids have something to publish about this or that tiff in their weird social club.

I find the whole idea of royals to be absurd in the first place. Consider the British Royals Harry and William. So, what do they bring to the table? Why are they so “special?” Well, they are special because they were born of “special parents.” Those parents were Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spenser. Lady Diana Spenser was “special” because she was born of “special parents,” and more so because she married a “very special” person, Prince Charles, heir to the British throne. Prince Charles was special because he was born of “special parents,” too. And those parents were special because they were born of “special parents,” and on and on. Most of these people have done nothing to merit their “special” claim, albeit one or another does something charitable from time to time, but so do many other people.

When you get back to “special people” who actually did things to merit their specialness, we find that the main skills of these people were: spending other peoples money in large quantities. One was to lavish expensive gifts upon themselves: jewels, clothes, houses, land (lots of land), food, wine, . . . there really was almost no limit. And of course, lavishing gifts and “grants of specialness,” aka titles, on their friends and relatives. The other main activity was unnecessary wars.

Imagine what would have happened if each of the wars initiated by British royals had been forgone. What would have changed? How would people’s lives have been different? Obviously if someone else brings war to your land, someone needs to lead a response, but this doesn’t seem to be all that common.

Consider the back and forth wars with the continent made by British monarchs. What were these about? Mostly they were about who was to be the most “special” where. The tussles over who ruled Normandy were incredibly destructive but the claims of both sides were equally ridiculous. The royals were motivated by ego, greed, vengeance, etc. none of which had anything to do with the future of the British realm.

And at one point more than half the countries in Europe were ruled over by people from one family. Now, that’s special.

Think about all of the times people have done wonderful things for you. Doctors, dentists, car mechanics, plumbers, you name it. You remembered their effort with a gift or a Christmas card come that season. You didn’t worship them as a monarch.

Well, those are small things, what about the big things?

Ah, you mean like Abraham Lincoln did in preserving the union or Franklin Roosevelt in fighting the Second World War and helping to win it? Did we kneel down to any of those? Did we acknowledge that they were divinely inspired agents of God? It seems that this divine right of kings bullshit was made up as a way that religions could support monarchies giving the religions some say as to which monarch would rule. (How many European monarchs got excommunicated because of their bad behavior, eh?)

If at one time in our development, we may have need a war leader who we gave some authority over us to. But we didn’t have to go whole hog (as the Vikings proved) as we acceded to most everywhere.

History is a story in which human beings think way too much of themselves. I call it the Great Man Theory of History.

April 8, 2020

Ever Wondered If You Come From Royalty?

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I saw an ad with the tag above as its heading. My immediate reaction was “Who cares?” Royalty is not a position of merit. You cannot earn your way to the top. More often it is hereditary. Of course, the attributes of parents are not easily inherited from them. I imagine inheriting Michael Phelps’s genes would be an asset if you want to be a competitive swimmer (big flexible feet, high boredom threshold, etc.) but what genes are involved in performance as a royal? Mastery of that rotary hand wave they all seem to be able to do? Amazing bladder control?

The only reason people would want to know if they had royals in their bloodline was to puff themselves up. Why I do not know as there is nothing more useless than a royal. For every Frederick the Great, there were hundreds of useless fops cluttering up history. If they all or mostly all, were competent, we would not have all of these stories about “the real power behind the throne,” and “Machiavellian advisers to the King,” and so on.

It seems that most “kings” parleyed up from war band leader to whole band leader through ambition and little else. The divine right of kings was invented, no? They didn’t have enough power, so they got a spiritual big brother to wield the whip when the personal powers of persuasion of the king were lacking. “I am king! What I say goes! God says so!” Truly this is a Trumpian diatribe if I have ever seen one. Worthy of the Donald himself.

What a crock of shit. Royals, are a bunch of people putting on airs for no good reason. In the UK, the monarchy is supported because of the tourist trade it brings in! That is their utility! Well, that and all of the tabloid newspapers that exist to report their high jinks.

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