Uncommon Sense

October 2, 2017

Mass Shooting in Nevada—He Is White

I woke this morning to yet another American exceptionalism display. The city of Las Vegas, Nevada is in turmoil because of another mass shooting. My first thought was “He was white.” So I scanned the report and no mention of race was made, so … he was white. I have never heard of a woman doing such a thing, so the “he” was easy to presume.

I assumed he was white, because, well, if a Black or Hispanic person were to have done such a thing, first that would have been mentioned at the top of every article. Plus, can you imagine the repercussions? Suspects looking anything at all like a photo of a suspect would be been shot or lynched on sight. It is a rare Black or Hispanic man who doesn’t know that he will be killed and probably his whole family, too, were he to act out like that.

In this country, a Black man making a symbolic gesture by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem, which wasn’t even noticed until he had done it a couple of times, causes a huge verbal backlash (including the POTUS calling his mother a bitch on national TV), him losing his multi-million dollar a year job, and becoming nationally notorious. If he had actually shot someone, he would have been executed by now.

When white men have a grievance they want to air, well, they go to a gun store.

‘Merica, ‘merica, we’re number one; we’re number one! … in mass shootings … by white men.

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