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May 4, 2018

The Kanye West Backlash

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I don’t get it.

Kanye West stated some of his thoughts on Twitter. One of which was that he thought that if American slavery of Black Africans lasted 400 years that some “choice” was involved. Choice is always involved: slave’s choices were “obey or be whipped,” then “obey or die.”

Granted the remark was more than a little stupid, but what do we expect from Kanye West? He is hardly a public intellectual. To parse that further: he is public; he is not an intellectual.

He commented with regards to some topic or other than “he had not completed his research” and I suspect that said “research” involves reading diatribes on websites of dubious distinction. I suspect books and consultations with experts will not be involved.

Basically I am perplexed with all of the outrage over “Kanye West said something stupid.” A simple Google search shows that this was not an aberration. The blowback, however, is a little like someone being hysterical because Donald Trump uttered a lie.

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