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December 23, 2016

The Back Story on the Bogus “Russia Hacked the Election” Claim

Finally a competent journalist has put together the information necessary to tell whether or not we should believe this and similar claims.

Check it out:

December 5, 2016

Trump Selects Ben Carson for His Cabinet

President-elect Donald Trump has picked retired neurosurgeon and former rival presidential candidate Ben Carson to be his Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Mr. Trump was advised that at least one person “of color” needed to be on the team and Dr. Carson was the only Black man he knew who wasn’t a sports star or entertainer or busboy.

Dr. Carson had previous indicated that he had no interest in doing a job like that, one in which he had neither talent nor experience. Apparently Mr. Trump offer Dr. Carson a yuge deal he couldn’t refuse. Dr. Carson was confused when he was asked how much experience he had in “swamp draining,” but “a steep learning curve is nothing to deter him,” he said.

November 24, 2016

Actual “Deplorables” Found!

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Hillary Clinton had her Romney-esque “47%” moment when she claimed that half of all Trump voters were “deplorables.” (What advantage she thought she was gaining to make such an absurd claim is beyond me.) But, now, the actual Deplorables have surfaced. Apparently President-elect Trump is filling cabinet posts with them!

You read it here first!

November 23, 2016

What Happened to the GOP Disdain for the Department of Education?

The standard position of the GOP on the DOE has been “Off with its head!” that it never should have been a federal agency, let alone a cabinet level agency, at all, that education should be left to the states. Remember Rick Perry’s “Ooops” debate topic? It was which departments he would abolish if he were made president. He remembered the DOE but forgot the DOE (Department of Energy). This position was supposed to based on a preference for local control of education and parent’s rights to educate their children as they saw fit. The DOE was de facto federal overreach, according to Republican stalwarts.

But …

… according to CNN, President-elect Trump has offered Betsy DeVos the U.S. Department of Education post, and she took it. Ms. DeVos does not hide her contempt for public schools, she advocates for school vouchers so her wealthy friends can get their private schooling of their children subsidized. She opposes any regulation or oversight for charter schools and she loves her them charter schools, especially those funded from public taxes, whether or not they perform any better than the schools they are replacing.

So, apparently Mr. Trump will not be disposing of the DOE as part of the GOP wish list.

I guess there was money to be made.

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