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March 21, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome

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When Mr. Obama was president a term was bandied about: the Obama Derangement Syndrome. This term referred to the rather crazy behavior associated with that presidency. By extension, if for no other reason, we now have the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The unfortunately thing, for us, is that the Obama Derangement Syndrome referred to the behaviors of Mr. Obama’s enemies, the sheer craziness inspired by having a Black man in the Oval Office. The Trump Derangement Syndrome is not so positioned, but is rather about the President himself.

Rather than having psychologists trying to explain why Mr. Obama’s enemies were behaving in such a deranged fashion, we have psychologists trying to deduce why Mr. Trump behaves in such a deranged fashion.

I have a simple explanation. Mr. Trump is of below average intelligence and above average arrogance. Had he not inherited great wealth, he would have lived a quite unremarkable life, possibly confined to criminal institutions. But, we are now learning that wealth/power actually affects people’s brains, making them less empathetic, compassionate, and more arrogant. Christian beliefs exacerbate this in the claim that wealth is a sign of their god’s favor. (How this “principle” got extracted out of their scriptures is beyond me, and I suspect everyone else.)

This is a bad combination for anyone, let alone a sitting U.S. president. This also brings to mind the possibly apocryphal curse “May you live in interesting times.”

January 3, 2014

Obama Derangement Syndrome Explained!

Dartagnan, a blogger at the Daily Kos, has offered this explanation of Obama Derangement Syndrome and the unhinging of the Republican Party. I think he has nailed it, what do you think?

. . . the Republican Party has undergone some type of fundamental mutation since the first African-American was elected President, one that can’t be correlated to any other constant. Bill Clinton may have infuriated them with his good looks, and his Teflonesque charisma may have reminded them of the kid they despised in high school who got away with everything, but their fury then was more rational, rooted in feelings of being hoodwinked and lied to. Their rage was a tool to move their party back to its rightful position–to make things right again. At its root the animus to Bill Clinton may have been a product of jealousy among Republican males who felt emasculated and helpless when confronted with such a powerful personality. But it didn’t drain their capacity for intelligent thought.
“The elevation of an African-American to a position of total leadership was a different matter. Once this happened, all bets were off. Having relied on racism as a tool for its Electoral success for so many years, the Republican Party is so invested in it that the election of a black President was a staggering blow to the Party’s internal mythology. The inferiority of non-white races was an article of faith, akin to an almost religious sentiment and rather than dealing with the implications of its complete and utter refutation, the Party took solace in collective magical thinking, a denial of reality. It’s the same denial that impels their obstruction of everything the President proposes. In that sense they have no choice—the rejection of all things Obama is their reflexive mechanism of self-preservation. If a black President could be elected then nothing made sense any more. Everything accepted as rational in the past was fair game for re-evaluation. Including participation in the Democratic process. Including observing the hallowed traditions of government. Including serving the interests of the country at large. Oh, and including science.
“The embrace of pie-in-the-sky Libertarianism, the elevation of deluded fanatics like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, the rise of the Tea Party, all flowed naturally from this internal conflict, this deeply unsettling hole in the Party’s perception of itself, because Nature abhors a vacuum.

“About That ‘Evolution” Poll . . .’”
December 31, 2013

October 12, 2013

Obama Derangement Syndrome? A Thing of the Past

A wonderful article in The New Yorker by Adam Gopnik provides some perspective on ODS that is a must read. The right-wing deranged come by honestly!


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