Uncommon Sense

February 21, 2013

Florida, State of Takers

Florida has decided to scrap its label of The Sunshine State and instead change it to “State of Takers.” (They thought The Taker State would sound too much like The Quaker State and confuse Floridians as to whether they lived in Florida or Pennsylvania.) Republican Governor Rick Scott, an unprosecuted Medicare scammer, has eschewed his previous position of not accepting the augmentation of Medicaid funds provided by the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and has stated his willingness to take the funds.

Imagine the chutzpah of turning it down in the first place. “No, we don’t have any poor people here is Florida. Nothing to see here. Move along.” I mean the deal isn’t really so good. At first the federal government picks up 100% of the extra Medicaid costs to the state, but then the long slide into fiscal irresponsibility begins and by 2017, the feds will only pick up 90%.

Gosh, imagine what you would say if a major health insurer were to offer you a policy . . . for free, but in three years, you will have to pay ten cents on the dollar compared to full premium payers. You’d stand on your principles and tell them to go stuff it, right? You wouldn’t want to let them take away your freedom! The freedom to get sick and die without medical care; it is there in the Constitution, isn’t it?

Well, sleazy Governor Scott finally woke up and said it would be rude to not take such a deal. After all each Floridian now gets over $500 back from the federal government in cash and services over and above what they pay in federal taxes. It is a tradition in that state. You see they have a long history of being takers, can’t change now.

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