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April 13, 2020

Election Security, Election Trustworthiness

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I was watching a documentary called Kill Chain, last night. This was about how easy it is (not would be) to hack into the electronic systems used for our elections. A fact that by itself undermines the integrity of our election process. At one point the people leading the documentary took a series of machines to a hacker conference in Las Vegas and asked people there to try to hack the machines. So, with little to no preparation and only the tools that they had on them, the play began. In just a couple of days, every machine available (including all of the ones currently in use) was hacked. These were casual hackers working part-time attending a conference. As the hosts commented, in Russia and other countries there are highly trained and motivated professionals working 24-7 to do the same. How hard could it be?

That the technology was 16 years old, with four years being a long generation of computer hardware, this was hardly a surprising outcome. The documentary went on to document several rather egregious examples of hacked elections, so why hasn’t there been federal action to forestall our elections being undermined?

The documentary showed a clip of Mitch McConnell, the majority leader of the U.S. Senate, saying that any such anti-tampering legislation would have to be bipartisan to be brought up for a vote in the senate. Then various senators pointed out that at least four bipartisan anti-tampering bills had been forwarded to Senate leadership and none had been brought to the floor. Each had been killed by . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . Mitch McConnell.

Even though McConnell seems to be in the pockets of the Chinese and/or Russians, it is quite extraordinary to accuse a sitting Majority Leader of such a treasonous act, so the politics are more likely to be more local.

So, think about this. Think about the current GOP membership and the current Democratic Party membership. On one hand you have CEOs who can barely type and bankers and the like and farmers and soldiers and on the other you have all of the New Age hippie computer nerds in tie-dyed teeshirts. Which party do you think would have the better hackers? Yeah, it was obvious to me, too.

So, why is Mitch McConnell acting to protect Democrat election hackers?

Why would he betray his own party like that? In any kind of reasonable contest, the hippie Democrats could hack the shit out of a band of GOP members, so why is Moscow Mitch protecting Democrat hackers? What do they have on him to make him their puppet? Do you think they are controlling the outcome of his re-election? What would make a staunch rock-ribbed Republican into such a toady for a bunch of hippie hackers?

PS Watch this documentary!



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