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November 20, 2020

The Grassy Knoll

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As I have mentioned, I am old. I am so old I was in high school when President Kennedy was shot. Being of a curious sort, I have read magazine articles, books, etc. and watched numerous documentaries on the topic as it sounded as if there were more than met the eye. Having said that I also felt that we had learned as much as there was to learn about this matter, so case closed.

Boy, was I wrong.

The documentary “The Grassy Knoll” published in 2020 is available on Amazon Prime streaming service. It is long and it drags in the middle third, but if you have to skip something, skip that middle third, do not skip the beginning and end.

I learned so many things from this documentary. First, the sources aren’t just some muckraking book writers. The people featured were ex-FBI agents, ex-CIA assets, and ex-legal staff who actually played a role in the investigation. These are not some quick “make a buck” types. They showed primary documents and got people to speak who had remained silent for decades.

I will give you one tease. Have you ever felt that Lee Oswald was set up as a fall guy? Outwardly it looks so, but looks can be deceiving. One of the things this group dredged up is the original examination of the gun found in the school book depository. When the officials in Washington, D.C. opened their investigation, they requested all of the physical evidence be sent to them from Dallas. With the gun came a report. The report clearly stated that there were no fingerprints found on the gun, on the gun’s telescopic sight, on the magazine in the gun or on any of the remaining bullets in the magazine. Clearly they were thorough. The physical evidence was examined and sent back to Dallas in 24 hours. When the Warren Commission made its report the FBI’s report showed the gun had Oswald’s fingerprints upon it. Interesting point of fact, by the time the gun got back to Dallas, Oswald was dead, never having been charged officially as the assassin. Either you have to believe in miracles or . . . well, two FBI agents got a private interview with Oswald’s corpse in the Coroner’s Office, which apparently was the case.

If you are still interested in getting closer to “what really happened” this documentary will get you closer, much closer. (Hint: they actually interviewed the guy who made the kill shot.)

Addendum Before accusations of “conspiracy theory” get flung around. A follow-up investigation by the federal government concluded that there were more shots than the Warren Report claimed and they came from different directions, so there had to have been at least two perpetrators. Two perpetrators in an assassination is the definition of a conspiracy. That a conspiracy was involved in Kennedy’s assassination is the official position of the federal government.

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