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November 16, 2021

False Witness—Worth Reading

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This book is a cheap buy on Amazon.com and is also available as a free download on the author’s website, so this was not written to make money. What is does make instead is a lot of sense.

Have you ever considered the Holy Bible and the amazing number of contradictions in it? For example, God forbids human sacrifices over and over and yet uses one to lift the curse he simply voiced. These contradictions have a significant reason for their existence says Keith Michael, who wrote False Witness, the subtitle of which is telling: “How the Christian Church Built a Foundation of Lies.”

You might suspect that the author is an atheist. He is not. He is definitely a god-believer. However, he points out (chapter and verse) how the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible was redacted almost into oblivion by the priestly class and how the New Testament is the work of Paul’s clique, which bastardized the actual message of Jesus, and the disciples and apostles of Jesus, etc. He points out how the “lies” can be identified and also points out where the truth is to be found in the Bible.

I found this work very convincing. For one, he brought up a force that was involved in all of the scriptures that most people do not mention: marketing. Writing scripture that people didn’t want to read is bad for business, so all scripture is written for a market. He hammers this point home by pointing out the experience of pastors who don’t meet the needs of their church’s parishioners. A pastor who preaches or shares information that upsets his “customers” soon finds himself looking for another job. The real job of a pastor is to reinforce the feelings of his listeners that they are good people, better than most actually, and that their religious beliefs are indeed correct. A pastor who points out how his listener’s beliefs are wrong will soon be out of a job. The end of scripture written so is to be declared heretical and then erased from history.

For example, do you understand the concept of Original Sin? For many it is the crux of Christianity because without it, there is no need for a savior, no? Mr. Michael points out in great detail that in Ezekiel 18, Yahweh himself states unequivocally that sin can not be inherited or transferred, and also another can pay for your sins. Pastors don’t quote this passage in the Bible because in it God cuts the legs out from under Christianity in just a few chapters.

Mr. Michaels points out how Paul/Saul lied his way into prominence and then because his faction won the wars over the faction of James, Peter, all of the remaining disciples, etc. (thanks mostly to the Romans razing Jerusalem to the ground), his version of Christianity is the one we ended up with and it makes no sense whatsoever.

If you chop out the priestly edits from the OT (they are even referred to negatively by several prophets speaking for God) and Paul’s lies, what you end up is rather nice, doable, helpful religion focused upon God, not Jesus.

As an atheist, I had a third viewpoint. There were the Yahweh centric folks in the OT, and the Jesus centric folks in the NT writing for their points of view. Then there were the redactors focusing upon good business as a goal. Mr. Michaels sees the God-centric aspects of the OT and NT as being the true god of the Bible, whereas I see them as people of one delusion as opposed to the others who are peoples of other delusions.

This was a very informative book in that I learned a great deal and I recommend it highly. I warn you that the writing is not first tier and the author does more than a little chest beating, but it is not all that off-putting.

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