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February 21, 2013

Mind Blowing Stupidity

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On Monday night last, MSNBC ran a special program on the lies told to sell the Iraq War, called “Hubris.” Apt title. I didn’t learn too much that was new watching it. One of the two things I did not know was that only a handful of our Congressmen read the CIA assessment of the situation before voting for war, which report was, of course, loaded with caveats that would give anyone pause. I guess that is not so surprising. The other was absolutely mind blowing.

A Bush official stated that one of the reasons the Bushies found compelling as a reason to go to war was they felt that if Iraq were brought to its knees it would be a chilling message to all of the countries sponsoring terrorist groups. Well, I am not a big fan of state-sponsored terrorism but . . . if you ignore the fact that terrorism is a tool of the weak and oppressed and that state sponsorship is easy to hide and an overwhelming display of force would only make those states feel even weaker, one has to ask what those states would think when they see a totally fallacious case brought against a country which wasn’t engaging in state-sponsored terrorism. Wouldn’t they feel that they would be damned if they did and damned if they didn’t? That they might as well earn the label if they were going to get punished anyway? D’ja think?

Did the Bush Administration feel that all of the countries in the world would be fooled by a bunch of lies that were fairly easily exposed? Lies that their own intelligence services were well aware of?

Hubris, my ass. Hubris has a touch of nobility in it; this does not. Mind numbingly stupid! Arrogant and stupid! Words fail me.

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