Uncommon Sense

October 25, 2016

Look Out, Here Comes Single Payer!

According to the Associated Press ObamaCare premiums are expected to rise by double digits in 2017. A report from the Department of Health and Human Services forecast an average 25 percent rise for midlevel benchmark plans across the 39 states served by the federally run insurance marketplace. Major national insurance carriers have also scaled back their participation in the ObamaCare exchange, which could leave about 20 percent of consumers with only one option of insurer. The Obama administration is emphasizing that taxpayer-provided subsidies should offset the increases for most consumers.

Ah, heaven forbid that insurance companies reform their processes or take a little less in the way of profits, so up our rates go … fueling the demand for a Medicare-like single payer system.

The basic question still is “Why should insurance companies be paid so much for pushing paper?” All they do is take our money and pay our doctors, yet what they charge for this is way more than Medicare costs to do its paper work. Is great puzzlement.

It is to our advantage that they cannot just lay low for a while, they have to turn the screws to squeeze out better quarterly profits for their shareholders and so they do, undermining their very existence.


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