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July 10, 2017

The Roswell Cover-up

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I watched a UFO documentary the other day and I was impressed by one bit of that issue (into which I do not want to go) and that was the so-called Roswell Incident involved a government cover-up. The actual perpetrators fessed up, often on their death bed, but the government spin of the incident certainly involved the planting of false information and evidence.

If you are unaware of this incident, there was a crash landing near Roswell, NM. People rushing to the scene say what appeared to be a spaceship, at least some kind of aircraft. The Army (this was in 1947 before the creation of the Air Force) rushed in and confiscated the evidence and planted pieces of a broken surveillance balloon which they then photographed and fed the story to the press that the “crash” was just a balloon. (See the pretty pieces!)

There are many other aspects of this story, including accounts of bodies of aliens that do bear scrutiny but the point that drew me was the fact that the UFO experts said they understood and agreed with the government’s position to keep the incident, whatever it was, secret. This I find unfathomable. Maybe the UFO experts were tossing a sop to the government officials, but sheesh.

If this were not anything to fuss over, full disclosure of what actually happened could cause no harm, no? If, if there was an actual alien spacecraft that crashed there, it was insane to keep it secret. Think about it. If there is an alien race so advanced that they had mastered space travel (in 1947!), one can reasonable assume that they are substantially more advanced that we are. Consequently, it would take a total effort on the part of humanity to handle this challenge. This is not something where a single country says “Step back, I can handle this.”

There was also some evidence proffered that the government was reverse engineering the alien technology to advance our ability to deal with the aliens. If this were true, this is again not something where a single country says “Step back, I can handle this.” It would take a collaborative effort of everyone on the planet.

It would not be easy to bring the other countries in on the discovery. This was right on the heels of WW2 and feelings were more than a little raw, but so what? The added benefit is the shared knowledge that “we are not alone” and “we all need to work together.” Any parochial advantage gained is of little value if presented with a vastly superior alien adversary.

So, I do not believe government secrecy was the correct response. The fear that the public would panic, gives little credit to U.S. citizens. And, really, how long can you run around with your hair on fire? Most people are out of shape and will run out of panic energy in short order … and the smell of burning hair, eeew.

The secrecy blanket was deployed over decades and over many, many UFO incidents, some of the spin so ludicrous that the press and public started to scoff. All of the actual evidence could still be released, but once the government gets in the secrecy habit, it is hard to break.

February 15, 2013

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

According to the Christian’s Bible, eating from this tree was what got Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Even, a real paradise. Eating from that tree also enlightened both of them as to issues of good and evil. This was not an endarkening but an enlightening. They could tell the difference between good and evil. One might ask why this was forbidden knowledge, because surely God was good, wasn’t he? What was there to hide? Ah, so many mysteries, but that is not my point . . . today.

Fast forward from the writing of the Bible about 1500 years and you will find that there was a small war surrounding the publishing of the Holy Bible in affordable editions. A little while later, there was another war over publishing versions of the Bible translated into the vernacular (local languages like German, French, and English) instead of Latin, which most people could not read.

My point is that the vast majority of people subject to the Bible (The Catholic Church had its own police and, yes, they had the authority to torture you, even burn you alive.) were largely ignorant of the contents of the Bible because they could not read it. The reasons were tow: most were illiterate and most didn’t have access to a copy of the Bible.

The reason clerical authorities didn’t want the hoi polloi reading the Bible, well there are quite nasty things in it: like God-sanctioned genocides, selling of one’s female children and what constitutes a good price, etc.

Only 500 years after the Enlightenment and the publication of Christian holy books that all could read, the grip of Christianity has slipped greatly.

What we do not know can hurt us. Our current government’s practice of making everything “top secret” so that we can’t see it is much like the first 1500 years of Christianity during which we were required to ask a priest what the Bible said.

It is no better now than it was then. If you do not believe this, look you to the information Wikileaks provided about the War in Iraq, about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens who got killed and somehow didn’t make it into the official tallies, about the outright war crimes committed in our name, etc.

I want to know exactly what our government says and does, nothing more, nothing less. That they will need to redact out people’s names to prevent the exposure of secret agents and secret sites is somewhat okay, but tell me what is being done in my name, targeted killings, er, assassinations, all of it.

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