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May 22, 2017

Our Cultural Heritage: Witches

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I see witches in the conversation stream … not actual witches, but discussions of said. There are cultures in existence that still “believe” in witches. (Isn’t belief wonderful! Imagine a life with no boundaries!) It is clear to me, though, that the idea of a “witch” is clearly a male invention.

My logic is simple: women are weak, weak of body and weak of mind, consequently any woman exerting power (real or imagined) must be doing it with supernatural (aka unnatural) help. And since “God is good” and wouldn’t really do anything to harm a man(!), that supernatural help must be in the form of help from evil spirits … ergo, witches.

How do you recognize a witch? No, it is not a pointed hat or green face as school children think. Look for sources of power, like beauty or a royal title or high political office or even just a “wife” who seem to dominate her poor husband.

All you have to do to understand this is think like a man … ? WTF?


June 26, 2012

(It Is About Control) Fear is the Mind Killer

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“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total
obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.”
(Frank Herbert, “Dune”)

In my previous blog “It Is About Control,” I promised I would address the role of fear being used to control our behavior.

The tools of the controllers are few but powerful. The most powerful is fear. For example, fear has been the primary power behind Christianity. I know, I know, the spirituality people are going to have kittens over this one. Fortunately, most of our people no longer live on the edge of life and death as we have over the vast majority of our history. Unfortunately, we have forgotten what it was like to live that way. (We have forgotten intellectually what it is like to live on the ragged edge of life and death but we haven’t forgotten emotionally.) Spirituality was not a factor in controlling people’s behavior then, and not so much now either. Spirituality meant very little when you spent most of your time worrying where your next meal would come from (or how to pay the rent, or afford the new baby, or, or. . . .) Now fear, that’s a tool.

Consider the fact that the Christian religion grants everybody immortality. Yes, everybody. The only difference for people is whether “eternity” will be spent in Heaven or in Hell. Consider this question: what do you know about Heaven? The answer is: very little. If you count up the words used to describe Heaven in their holy scriptures and related writings and preacher/prophet pronouncements and compare that number with the number of words used to describe Hell, it is no contest. Hell wins hands down. Why? Fear of Hell is a more powerful controlling lever than Lust for Heaven.

Political fear is the major controlling mechanism used to control political behavior. (All they want is your vote; they will take care of the rest.) Most politicians learn to use the lever of fear or they cease to be politicians. Consider the 9-11 incident. Even before we knew what had happened, the words “terror,” “terrorists,” and “terrorism” had been spoken thousands of times on our communication media. I was in California at the time. Was I afraid? No. Politicians use the media to amplify the message of fear. Yes, this was in New York, but it could happen to you in . . . rural California!

But, how great a threat was al-Qaeda? We are talking here about a few hundreds of people with a great deal of wealth behind them. A threat? Yes, possibly. A great threat? No, in no way. Oops, Code Orange, there is a Code Orange Terrorism Threat! Danger! Danger!

There are people steeped in fear who hoard rifles and pistols and ammunition, just in case . . . in case our government becomes tyrannical and we have to take it back by force (a Second Amendment solution, that). Really? A handful of tyranny buffs against the 5th Cavalry? No contest. Fear makes us do strange things.

Our own Pentagon considers the current economic situation a significant threat to the existence of the U.S. Is any attention paid to this? No, because that threat has no leverage and does not work in the direction that is desired . . . by the controllers.

Consider what happened when we elected our first black President. A great many Americans don’t know any Black people. Sure, they have met them and they have worked with them but they haven’t taken the time to really know them. So, black people are “others” to those folks. Psst, Barack Obama isn’t even a U.S. Citizen! Psst, he was born in Kenya! Psst, his birth certificate is a fake. (Message: He is not one of us. He is to be feared.) He was “a socialist;” he “hated white people;” he was “a radical liberal,” “a communist.” All of these outlandish claims (Barack Obama isn’t even a liberal, for Pete’s sake!) were attempts to paint our new President as something “other,” something to be feared. Psst, he and Eric Holder are trying to take away your guns and the fact they haven’t done anything to do that is evidence that we are closer and closer to when they will!

Fear is the mind killer.

Fear is the slayer of rationality.

Have you noticed that political discourse has very little use for facts at the moment?

Facts are needed for rational decision making . . . but not emotional decision making and when decisions are based on emotion, fear trumps most of the rest put together.

So, whenever you feel fearful, ask yourself: “Is that fear real or hypothetical/made up? (“We need to take back our country! From whom?) If it is made up, you have to ask yourself: “Who benefits if I am fearful?”

I will try to answer that question in my next blog.

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