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October 28, 2013

The Disaster that is College Sports

Everybody knows . . . I hate that phrase but . . . anyone who follows college sports knows that very few sports generate the income to pay for the others. Basically college basketball and college football programs generate the bulk of the money for college athletics budgets. Now we find out that a large majority of college football programs either break even or lose money. Colleges still support such programs and are even expanding them, because they see them as outreach programs, ways to get their marketing information out and about.

Excuse me, but the benefit to society, other than serving as the minor leagues to wealthy professional sports systems, is exactly what?

If we need any more evidence for the distorting effect money has upon our social system, here is yet another example.

If these programs provided for the physical training of all students (they don’t), if they provided for lessons in competition (which intramurals does as well), if they provided anything other than entertainment, I could support them. As it is, college sports seem completely out of control.

There is graphic going around the Internet, showing the highest paid public employee by state. Here it is (Source: Deadspin)

Highest Paid Employees by State

Notice anything?

Out . . . of . . . control.

And before the haters get on me. I was a four year college athlete: in community college for two years (no scholarships) and two years at a state college (Division II, no scholarships). I loved playing but that was a different game in a different time. The money of television and big time sports organizers hadn’t taken over yet.


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