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May 17, 2013

China is the New Texas

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In April a 7.0 earthquake in Sichuan Provence in central China killed over 100 people. This earthquake was small potatoes compared to the 2008 earthquake about 100 miles away on the same fault line that killed something like 80,000 people.

Seems like the people there can’t get a break.

Oh, but the Chinese government is planning a new plant for the region. Jobs and security are coming. PetroChina started building plant with a 200,000 barrel per day petroleum refining capacity and 800,000 ton per year ethylene output in Pengzhou city . . . right on the very same fault line.

Protestors of this decision have been repressed by the secret police. And, in case you weren’t aware: petroleum distillates, petroleum, and ethylene are all highly flammable. Should be able to see it burn from space.

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