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December 16, 2011

Public Financing of Elections? Nah! There’s a Better Way

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Reformers of campaign financing have pushed the idea of public financing of election campaigns for years, to which the “public” in question responds with a giant “nah.” The recent news (Rumor? It is hard to tell the difference these days.) that Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is planning to donate $20 million to a PAC backing Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign (which has managed to raise only a paltry $7 million to date) suggests another path: billionaire financing of elections!

Think about it. Each candidate needs to find a single (or multiple, I haven’t figured out the details just yet) gazzillionaire to finance their campaign. Candidates who can’t find one are clearly “nonviable.”

The advantages to the general public are incredible. For one, there would be no irritating requests for money from candidates. No fundraising dinners, no rubber chicken and peas, no meaningless speeches. No irritating websites screaming “Donate, donate, donate!”

Also, since all of the money is coming from one individual it would become far easier to discern when a politician is doing the bidding of his monied master. And since our politicians wouldn’t have their hands out to all and sundry, they could spend more time doing what they were being paid to do. Donations from other sources would clearly be influence peddling, because the politician-candidate’s campaign expenses would have already been covered. Solicitations by politician-candidates would clearly be extortion cause they wouldn’t need the money to finance their campaigns.

The benefits to the general public over our current chaotic system are enormous.

Hey, they’re going to take money from the rich and do their bidding in any case, why not make it “transparent?”

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