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May 16, 2023

Wait, Walgreens Guards Have Guns?

Surveillance footage from a Walgreens in San Francisco shows the moment a private security guard killed a young transgender man accused of shoplifting. The footage captures the guard tackling and punching Banko Brown, 24, on 27 April before fatally shooting him as he exited the store.

What the fuck is on sale at Walgreen’s shitty little stores that is worth a man’s life?

We need to stop this madness. Lethal force should not be an option for offences that don’t trigger the death penalty.

What’s next? Jaywalking (walking while Black)? Littering? “Authorities” allowed to wear guns as part of their duties need to be taught that they cannot fire their weapons for any offence that is minor. Get a taser. Buy some mace. But guns should not be used for minor infractions (and that includes resisting arrest by a private security guard).


  1. The world of today. Ain’t it fun?


    Comment by Nan — May 16, 2023 @ 11:46 am | Reply

  2. Wow, my Walgreens doesn’t have security guards, let alone ones with guns.

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    Comment by silverapplequeen — May 17, 2023 @ 4:19 am | Reply

    • I guess it depends upon the neighborhood. But I don’t think those security guards are hired and then go through an extensive training program. I think in the short run, I want manslaughter charges automatically brought against anyone shooting/killing a person for a trivial offense, like selling individual cigarettes on the street. Anything to stop the “Look a lawbreaker, shoot, shoot!” reflex.


      Comment by Steve Ruis — May 17, 2023 @ 8:44 am | Reply

      • Other stores have security guards … most Tops markets now, since 514 a year ago (there was a guard on duty that day, he was shot) They’re usually off-duty police officers. In NY, you do have to have some training to be a security officer, I know this because my son was considering a job in security before he joined the Army.

        The two Walgreens I go to aren’t far from police in any case, either Buffalo or University. & there’s a Tim Horton’s right next door to one Walgreens & there’s always a police car there … ya know, coffee & donuts. Timmy Ho’s is the BEST.

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        Comment by silverapplequeen — May 18, 2023 @ 6:10 am | Reply

        • I wonder how many laws are written to cover security guards, as opposed to police officers. I am aware that security guards do get training, I had a friend who was one for quite a while, but it seems that all such trainings are flawed. Recent police trainings seem to have made police officers hyper-sensitive to their own bodily risks.

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          Comment by Steve Ruis — May 18, 2023 @ 7:39 am | Reply

          • Well, I live in NY. The state sponsors a course ($180) & you are licensed by the state. You need that license to work.

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            Comment by silverapplequeen — May 18, 2023 @ 7:58 am | Reply

            • I would favor a rule that only allowed private security guards to shoot back if they were shot at first, that is lethal force is limited to life-threatening situations.

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              Comment by Steve Ruis — May 18, 2023 @ 12:14 pm | Reply

          • On of my sons worked for a big multinational security company, Securitas. If you don’t recognize that name, perhaps you recognize Pinkertons, they bought them out about 20 years ago. His “training”, if you can call it that, was pretty much non existent.

            Every state has different regulations regarding private security people. Here in Wisconsin private security personnel have absolutely zero authority, special privileges, etc. Zilch. They are not allowed to carry firearms without a special permit and training. The only defensive weapon they were allowed were those big, heavy, two foot long Mag flashlights. (and those things are a weapon, really. They can do more damage than a baseball bat.)

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            Comment by grouchyfarmer — May 18, 2023 @ 10:42 pm | Reply

            • That sounds sensible. We don’t allow babies to play with firearms, we shouldn’t allow the untrained adults to do the same.

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              Comment by Steve Ruis — May 19, 2023 @ 10:48 am | Reply

        • I have heard many say the same about Tim Horton’s but I haven’t had the opportunity.

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          Comment by Steve Ruis — May 18, 2023 @ 7:40 am | Reply

  3. I know that sounds shocking but it has been common practice in some areas for a long time. It depends on where the store is located. Back in the 1990s I was an electronics technician for a cash register company. We were doing an installation of a new NCR system at a grocery store in a hispanic neighborhood in Milwaukee, completely replacing about 20 lanes of equipment plus all of the stuff in the back of the house. I was down there a lot for about a week and a half doing prep work and training employees before we did the install. The store had three, sometimes four armed guards, actual off duty police officers they hired, complete with uniforms and guns, in the store after 6 PM. After dark they bolted plywood over all the windows as well.

    If you think that’s extreme, I should add that in the same neighborhood I had to deliver parts to a small grocery store one night. A half hour after I left the store manager was shot and killed in an armed robbery.

    When they start talking about food deserts in certain neighborhoods I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I feel sorry that the people in the neighborhood don’t have easy access to grocery stores and other retail stores carrying necessities. But on the other hand I know from first hand experience that there are a lot of reasons why retailers don’t want to move into those neighborhoods.

    Just to give you an example of how odd Wisconsin can be, I had a late night call to a different store up in Shawano in northern Wisconsin one night. I couldn’t get there until after the store closed. They all went home and just left the door open for me.

    Living in this state is sometimes like living in two different worlds at the same time. But I imagine it’s like that in a lot of places.

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    Comment by grouchyfarmer — May 17, 2023 @ 5:33 am | Reply

  4. The R wet dream, killing a law breaker. I’m sure the guy went home with his chest puffed up, and all the family were patting him on the back for being such a good asshole. Fucking judges probably will too.

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    Comment by shelldigger — May 20, 2023 @ 8:58 pm | Reply

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