Uncommon Sense

October 4, 2022

Why We Should Send Florida “Hopes and Prayers” and Nothing More

Because like famine aid to Africa back in the day, the bulk of the funds are siphoned off by corrupt politicians.

Did You Know . . . That On Friday, all 16 Florida U.S. House Republicans plus Rick Scott in the U.S. Senate voted against disaster relief for their own state just as Hurricane Ian was ripping through Florida. Marco Rubio blew off voting altogether as is his practice. Why would Republicans vote against disaster relief while a disaster was literally happening? Matt Gaetz said they did it because they weren’t willing to let Biden have a win.

Did You Know . . . The State of Florida has a 22 billion dollar surplus . . . . a $22,000,000,000 surplus!

And, Of Course, . . . After voting no on the $2 billion in disaster relief aid bill, Rick Scott bragged about fighting for federal aid for Florida after Biden had already sent it.

Can you spell corruption, boys and girls? You can’t justify paying off corrupt politicians by pleading “But what about the poor people who are damaged?” They get relief in neither case.



  1. I didn’t know they all voted against aid for their own state. That strikes me as not only being outright sadistic but, in a rational universe, political suicide. How the hell would anyone from Florida ever vote for a politician who voted against helping the tens of thousands of people in their own state who are now homeless and suffering?

    Rick Scott doesn’t surprise me though because he’s not human, he’s one of those lizard people from Andromeda wearing a skin suit.

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    Comment by grouchyfarmer — October 4, 2022 @ 1:05 pm | Reply

    • Well, they could presume the Dems would vote the $$$ un anyway, and they like Rick Scott could brag about getting federal help for his constituents.


      Comment by Steve Ruis — October 5, 2022 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

      • Ah, that’s true. I’d forgotten for a moment what hypocritical bastards they are. They have a long history of voting against popular aid packages and then later trying to take credit for them.


        Comment by grouchyfarmer — October 5, 2022 @ 3:24 pm | Reply

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    Comment by silverapplequeen — October 5, 2022 @ 4:34 am | Reply

  3. I Think Matt Gaetz Is a Child Molester


    Comment by Adelyn Ivy — November 25, 2022 @ 8:13 pm | Reply

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