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September 20, 2022

Donald Trump Veers Off Script

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Donald Trump has been bleating threats about what will happen should he be arrested and charged with any of his numerous crimes. He clearly doesn’t want to spend any time in prison.

This not how his mentor did things. What possibly has thrown Mr. Trump off is that his election was a shock and a surprise to him. He did not expect to be elected, which is what his mentor experienced.

But then Mr. Trump got back on track when he staged a coup that failed, as did his mentor. His mentor spent a year in prison as his penance, albeit in a posh institution in which he had every amenity, even a personal secretary.

Then his mentor was freed by a friendly judge (sound familiar?) and in short order he was elected into the highest elective office in the land and shortly after that was declared to be absolute dictator of his country.

The plan worked fabulously for Adolf Hitler and Mr. Trump seems hell bent on following that path. Why he is resisting going to prison is off script, though.

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