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June 24, 2022

The Law of Unintended Consequences in Action, Again!

According to an article in The Guardian:

“Donald Trump, who spends summers at his Bedminster golf club, is a TV guy, a ratings guy. So the widely televised hearings of the congressional committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US. hit him where it hurts.

“The former US president has reportedly been glued to them – and has not liked what he’s seen. As the panel has presented a carefully crafted case against Trump as the leader of a failed coup, he is said to be livid that there is no one in the room to speak up for him.”

Aw, poor baby.

Actually, it was the Ex-president’s party that forbade participation by Republicans in the Congressional panel. The only two Republicans participating have paid for that participation, one through the loss of his seat in the House and the other by the loss of all of her committee assignments in the Senate.

The reason the GOP didn’t want to play in the investigation was so they could claim that the Congressional investigation was a partisan political attack by Democrats on Republicans. That didn’t work and so Mafia Don didn’t have any allies on the committee to feed him inside information and, well, the majority of the witnesses so far have been Republicans, not only Republicans but conservative Republicans who wanted to see Donald Trump re-elected. So, “The Don” isn’t complaining about RINOs. These are good, solid Republican officials trying to do the right thing.

After watching the hearings yesterday, June 23rd, I was impressed that none of the witnesses criticized Mr. Trump. Not one word about or any attack on his person at all. They all stuck to the facts and offered no opinions on the President’s behavior/actions. That they were capable of such attacks was evident in their comments regarding Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark who was excoriated for breaking DOJ rules, his own promises, and attempting to step up to Acting Attorney General despite not having the qualifications for the post, simply based upon Mr. Clark’s willingness to do the President’s bidding.

Mr. Clark might have been someone willing to stand up for the Ex-president but he was too busy claiming his Fifth Amendment right against incriminating himself, reportedly well over 100 times when he was questioned by the committee’s staff.

The Law of Unintended Consequences—unbeaten, untied, and still champion!



  1. What I’ve been finding fascinating is that Fox News has apparently thrown Trump under the bus. I’ve heard that at least two of their news readers/grifters/scam artists apparently been saying things critical of him and supporting the people who’ve testified against him.


    Comment by grouchyfarmer — June 24, 2022 @ 10:46 pm | Reply

    • I suggest they are just testing the waters. If they lose subscribers or get a great deal of pushback, it will be “Back on the wagon, everyone!” at Fox (sic) News.

      Liked by 2 people

      Comment by Steve Ruis — June 25, 2022 @ 12:10 pm | Reply

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