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November 25, 2021

Conservative Business People, Listen Up

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You’all have been claiming that the U.S. government, aka guvmint, should be run like a business and I have a case study for you in which I agree.

What would you think about one of the divisions of your corporation which has not met a goal in twenty years, run up huge overruns on their budget, and recently failed an external audit because they couldn’t even perform an internal audit. They could not account for billions of company dollars that they spent, they think.

It is time for that underperforming sinkhole of profits to go, no?

I am talking about the Pentagon here, which needs a name change to Penta-gone.

We have been fighting a so-called “War on Terror” for easily twenty years and, well, help me count the victories: #1 We assassinated Osama Bin Laden, uh #2 . . . uh, #2 . . . well, there aren’t any other victories major or minor.

Okay, this nonperformance resulted in budget cuts, right? Let’s see, the Pentagon’s budget for the year 2000 was 378 billion U.S. dollars, about 3.5% of our GDP. In 2020, the Pentagon’s budget was 738 billion U.S. dollars. What? All of that abject failure to meet any military goals and the Pentagon’s budget doubled? Doubled!

What business principle is it that a woefully performing governmental division gets its budget doubled and nobody loses their job?

Are these the business practices you are recommending? Yes or no—don’t wait for the translation—yes or no?


  1. Oh Steve! Doncha’ know? It’s FAR more important to have a budget that ensures we have “ready to fight” equipment and individuals (whenever and whoever) than to put money towards helping the less fortunate, mothers with children, seniors … you know … the PEOPLE that make up the U.S. and pay the TAXES that support the Pentagon!


    Comment by Nan — November 25, 2021 @ 11:32 am | Reply

    • I’d feel better if I thought that the pols were voting for all of that stuff to create jobs for their constituents, but those days are long gone. Now votes are only sold for “campaign donations” which corporations and people outside of the representatives districts are allowed to give. We need to stop that.

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      Comment by Steve Ruis — November 25, 2021 @ 9:54 pm | Reply

  2. I’d feel a bit better if we weren’t spending hundreds of billions on high tech weapons programs that don’t actually work. Look at the F-35. By 2017 costs had soared to over $400 billion, nearly half a trillion dollars, for a single weapons program, and total cost for the expected lifetime of the fighters is in the neighborhood of $1.5 TRILLION dollars. And even though it is now flying, it is still having serious problems. It has been plagued with severe engineering problems all through the development cycle.

    Then there is the navy’s “littoral” ships, which they spent $30 billion on, were such a failure that the navy canceled the program and has been decommissioning the ones that were already delivered. The ships cost literally triple what the claimed cost would be. And even worse they just don’t work. There were huge problems with engines, the armor, electronics, even the basic structure of the ship.

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    Comment by grouchyfarmer — November 25, 2021 @ 10:40 pm | Reply

    • All of those shortcomings are not bugs of the system but features. The military contractors bribe the politicians to get their contracts and whether they deliver or not is irrelevant. They got the money. If that contract is cancelled, they will get another contract. What does it say, however, about management of the system? Not much that is good. But the system is performing exactly as desired right now as a cash cow for military-industrial contractors . . . and politicians.

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      Comment by Steve Ruis — November 26, 2021 @ 9:55 am | Reply

      • You’re exactly right. The military budget has turned largely into government welfare for arms manufacturers and dealers. The littoral ships, some of them anyway, are built here in Wisconsin and we heard nothing about the problems plaguing the program, the cost overruns and the fact that the ships just basically didn’t work. All we heard were state politicians bragging about how much “free” government money they were bringing into the state.

        If you want to see a real boondoggle take a look at the Foxconn “deal” we got thanks to Trump and the GOP. We’ve sunk a couple of hundred million into that deal building infrastructure, buying land for the site and other expenses, and instead of the multi billion dollar factory with 13,000 employees Foxconn was going to build here, we have, well, basically nothing. Sigh…


        Comment by grouchyfarmer — November 26, 2021 @ 10:42 pm | Reply

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