Uncommon Sense

October 21, 2021

Why It Is Better to Be Pissed Off than Pissed On

We possess emotions that were designed to have short-term effects. Stretching them out over long periods of time can have very detrimental effects. This is why I think “happiness” is a bad goal. Happiness is a transitory emotion, not meant to be long-term.

Another emotion designed for the short-term is fear. When we are fearful, we get what is called the “fight or flight” response. We gear up to fight or to run away. But that was never meant to be a long-term effect. A lesson in this comes from human pre-history. When you compare human beings to other predators we come up short, way short. We do not possess speed, like cheetahs, or power like lions and wolves, or the vision and razor sharp talons of an eagle, etc. But we have a super power and that is stamina. We often hunted using this evolutionary advantage. We would, in a small group of hunters, spook our prey, which would run away, but just a short distance. Then we would follow that animal, spooking it again and again, until finally, the poor animal is nervously and physically exhausted from being in this fight or flight situation too long. Occasionally a hunter could walk up to the quivering animal and slit its throat or spears or arrows could easily bring the animal down.

Fear is a powerful emotion and so is anger, again one not intended for long-term use. Both of these emotions are “in the news” because they are playing a role in our politics. The elites running this country for their own personal gain are ruining any chance of us forming a more perfect union. They are very wealthy and have a great deal of power because of that wealth. They are few and we are many which makes them far easier to organize than us, so our power of numbers is muted.

To overcome this handicap, we need righteous anger . . . “I am mad as Hell and I won’t take it anymore!” . . . to get us off of our couches and into the streets. But the elites are prepared for this. They promote fear and anger as if they were daily specials at the supermarket. Fear of Critical Race Theory indoctrinating our students; anger over the stolen election; fear of Muslims, fear of immigrants (legal and otherwise); anger over losing job securities, heck losing jobs.

The result of all of these fears and angers is that we all are experiencing the fatigue of prolonged emotions along these lines. Because of that fatigue we can’t get it, righteous anger, up or if we can, it doesn’t last. And those damned wealthy elites are in the process of politically cutting our throats.

We must stop being riled at the latest “outrage,” (Outrage over Mr. Potato Head for Pete’s sake!) and stick to the agenda. The oligarchs running this country are trying to control you and our governmental process. Whether you are a liberal or conservative is irrelevant. Whether you dwell in the country or a city is irrelevant. Whether you are for or against gun control, abortion, or whatever, is irrelevant. You must learn to discern those fronting for the wealthy elites and oppose them and not be distracted by side issues. If we do not, well the next time we meet will be on the dinner table of the fucking elites.


  1. The Search For Happiness is One of The Chief Sources of Unhappiness—Phillip Borges


    Comment by jim- — October 21, 2021 @ 8:43 pm | Reply

  2. Fear and anger are, alas, two of the more damaging emotions we experience. Both tend to be addictive. The brain becomes over stimulated by adrenaline and other chemicals released by the body when experiencing fear and anger. And both tend to short circuit, so to speak, the more rational parts of the mind. That’s an evolutionary thing, of course. Fear and anger result in a type of pre-programmed response pattern that evolved as we did as a species. The so-called ‘flight or fight’ response, as it is commonly called. Under the conditions in which those reflexes evolved we didn’t have time to stop and think logically about a why we were angry or afraid. If we’d did we’d get eaten by a bloody great sabertooth or something. We had to run like hell, right now. Unfortunately those responses are still with us, so when we’re afraid or angry it still shorts out the logic circuits of the brain, so to speak, and we react in an almost instinctive way.

    And politicians and the media have figured this out and love it. They don’t want us to think, they want us to react because it allows them to manipulate us more easily.

    All of this, of course, has a dramatic and very adverse effect not just on our society and how we act, but on our health as well. Being put under that kind of stress for long periods of time can cause very serious health problems. Heart disease, high blood pressure, some types of cancers, all of those and more have direct links to mental stress.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by grouchyfarmer — October 21, 2021 @ 10:31 pm | Reply

    • And, of course, people are reporting being more stressed out than ever.

      Who wants “Done in by Politicians” chiseled on their tombstone?

      Liked by 2 people

      Comment by Steve Ruis — October 22, 2021 @ 1:21 pm | Reply

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