Uncommon Sense

June 24, 2021

Things Are Always Simpler Than We Think

Have you ever noticed that when populism rears its ugly head, it is attacked from all sides. Currently, the anti-populism script is sticking very close to the script that was created for the American Populist movement in the nineteenth century. None of the criticisms, of course, are based in fact.

So, why the vituperation of a “people power movement?”

If you have read even a little of what I have written, you are aware that I characterize civilization as a movement in which the secular and religious elites coerce the labor of the masses to serve the interests of the elites.

So, the tension is between the elites and the masses, and any tension between various bands of elites is a side issue, a much smaller issue.

In the era of American slavery, Southerners were deathly afraid the “darkies” would rise up and kill them in their beds. In some of the Southern states, there were more slaves and free men, so this wasn’t an idle fear.

That fear has driven racial hatred of “minorities” by “whites” ever since, ultimately being a manifestation of a fear of “others” who are not understood and hence formed a danger.

The current “hatred” directed to Critical Race Theory is another manifestation of this same fear. The hatred of labor unions by the conservative arms of the elites is another “fear and loathing” expression of “people power.”

The so-called “Founding Fathers” of the U.S. Constitution were deathly afraid of the common people wielding power that they warned about even the “middling sort” from acquiring any. (The “middling sort” is what we would call the middle class today. Back them it referred to tradesmen, printers, etc.) The founders instituted many a check on, ugh, democracy, in the Constitution (the Electoral College, the Senate, etc.), pointing out that democracy has always failed everywhere it was tried. (The FFs were elitists, if you didn’t know, and I never use that term lightly.)

So, the current condemnation of populism from both the left and right? It is being made by the elites on the left and right who see “the masses” as a common enemy who need to be kept under control so as to continue to serve the interests of the elites.

If you look at current events through a lens of there being a contest between “the masses,” aka the people, and the elites a lot that appears confusing is actually quite clear.


  1. “The current “hatred” directed to Critical Race Theory is another manifestation of this same fear.”

    No it’s not. It’s a legitimate concern about a Marxist ideology being imposed on everyone. Resistance and legitimate criticism against this ideology is being painted (the way you have done so here) by it supporters and apologists to feel good about themselves vilifying those who will not submit but it demonstrates a yet again a remarkable degree of intolerance and anti-liberal bias which should be a red flag to those who are actually concerned about the welfare of others.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by tildeb — June 24, 2021 @ 10:29 am | Reply

    • Uh, how is this academic approach an ideology? I think you are conflating the “woke” people and serious students of US race relations. I do not think there was a serious “movement” behind Critical Race Theory until one was invented by the conservative propaganda machine.

      Liked by 2 people

      Comment by Steve Ruis — June 24, 2021 @ 10:34 am | Reply

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