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July 5, 2020

Truer Words Have Not Been Written or Spoken

Filed under: History,Politics — Steve Ruis @ 7:29 am

“I wonder how bad this economic downturn is going to be. This recession just began in February 2020 … the Coronavirus pandemic ignited this recession, but its depth and misery for Americans have been caused by 40 years of relentless class warfare by the rich. The opening shots of the war began in 1971 when a little known Republican tobacco attorney named Lewis Powell wrote what is known as the Powell manifesto urging the rich to combine their resources, establish a variety of organizations to turn back the clock to the era of the robber barons, take over the courts, and generally fight back against the Constitutional and democratic rights of the vast majority of people. Two months later, Powell was sitting on the Supreme Court bench serving the rich as a legalized guerrilla fighter in their war against the rest of us.”

John Hively, John Hively’s Blog: News and Analysis of the War Against the Middle Class

Check Out John’s blog.

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