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October 17, 2018

Holy Shit (Bull Variety)

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On my Quora feed the following paid advert was posted:

Where did the four gospels in the Bible come from?
The Church of Jesus Christ
“As Jesus taught, His disciples wrote what He said. Order a free Bible to learn what He taught.”

And here I thought that lying was a deadly sin.

It is a scholarly conclusion that we do not know who wrote the gospels that were included in the Bible. None of the earliest manuscripts we have of those works has an author listed. All seem to have had multiple authors. Most of the gospels seem to have been written at a point in time that all or most of the disciples claimed to have followed Jesus would have died.

I wonder if Donald Trump got his ability to string lies one after the next from his religious training?


  1. Forgers, murderers, mistakes, lies, embellishment, codes,fictitious characters…isn’t our god amazing? Who could go this but a god?


    Comment by jim- — October 17, 2018 @ 9:50 am | Reply

  2. The content of the gospels includes stories similar in many respects to any of a number of mystery cults around the Mediterranean at the time. You got a resurrected God. We got one too.

    And what about that cannibalistic ritual of the communion – drink my blood and eat my body. What’s that all about?


    Comment by James Cross — October 17, 2018 @ 10:03 am | Reply

  3. I’m just about at my limit of insanity, stupidity, corruption, greed and pure willful ignorance I see out there anymore. How does this ever change? Self responsibility is a thing of the past.

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    Comment by maryplumbago — October 17, 2018 @ 10:12 am | Reply

  4. Here ya go folks. This is a very moldy one from my long ago youth, probably about the 6th grade. “My gods’ better than you god. My gods’ better than yours. My gods’ better cause he eats Ken-L-Ration! My gods’ better than yours.”
    See, I’m a cat person, but I have had dogs, even more than a few I really liked even. Ken-L-Ration was a dog food. Maybe you still can buy it. I don’t know as I no longer have any animals. The owners of the apartments wants way too much as a deposit to have a cat/dog/etc..


    Comment by Walter Kronkat — October 17, 2018 @ 5:51 pm | Reply

  5. No, Trump learned from Obama, who continuously lied about civilians killed by his record number drone strikes, wall street corruption in his own administration, surveillance … policies on deportation, on and on…

    And Obama learned from previous pathological liar presidents. Lying to the public is the chief duty of every president. It is not news that trump lies. Or unusual.

    As for the bible, people love their myths and fairy tales, and lie to protect and defend them.

    As for me, I prefer Black Bush, neat, and a good Cuban cigar.


    Comment by Zachary — October 18, 2018 @ 11:30 am | Reply

    • Shorthand: Humans lie.


      Comment by Zachary — October 18, 2018 @ 11:34 am | Reply

    • Yes, all presidents lie and all humans lie. That’s like saying all people eat and ignoring the amounts and substances involved. Trump is a pathological liar who won’t tell the truth except by accident.

      On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 11:30 AM Class Warfare Blog wrote:



      Comment by Steve Ruis — October 18, 2018 @ 11:41 am | Reply

      • I’d argue the same about every President in my lifetime … assignation of the ‘biggest liar’ award does not seem to be a fruitful enterprise. Seems to me that political, and human, discourse has devolved into the ugly ‘art’ of stone throwing, and not much more.

        Trump is the current titular head of the system, the monster, if you will … and I find the amount of time and energy spent on obsessing on Trump negates most critical analysis of ‘the monster’ in the room…and otherwise intelligent humans will keep rushing to the polls to vote in more caretakers of the corporate class military system … caretakers that make them feel better about themselves, but nonetheless, continue the same policies of greed and destruction.


        Comment by Zachary — October 18, 2018 @ 11:54 am | Reply

        • Actually I was casting aspersions on the Pope by associating said person with Trump. I spend very little time or thought or Trump as nothing he says is even near real. I prefer to look at what the GOP Minions are doing while he is whipping up the media (the asshole got elected by capturing the attention of the media and he is continuing in the same vein, much to our detriment).

          On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 11:55 AM Class Warfare Blog wrote:



          Comment by Steve Ruis — October 18, 2018 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

          • Whole thing a bullshit reality show…from Trump to the supposed ‘saviour’ options of the neoliberal left. They are all the ass lickers of the corporate militarists that march, unimpeded, through our lives, as we try to salvage a bit of humanity in and around us.

            Here’s to you, Steve, rattling the cage every step of the way … cheers!


            Comment by Zachary — October 18, 2018 @ 2:13 pm | Reply

            • I am reading a bit of history regarding the politics in the early 1900s. The situation was almost exactly the same as it is now and the political will was found to throw off the yoke of the plutocrats. I wonder is we have the will/energy to do it again?

              On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 2:13 PM Class Warfare Blog wrote:



              Comment by Steve Ruis — October 18, 2018 @ 2:25 pm | Reply

              • I wonder that as well. Maybe it is not as much as a matter of will as feasibility. Change requires organization, communication, and group response … social media has reduced conversation to mindless chatter with those sharing one’s beliefs and prejudices … so that real political work becomes impractical. Few folks talk to anyone outside their bias subset.

                I will go to my grave clinging to the notion that change could happen … hopeful, but not terribly optimistic.


                Comment by Zachary — October 18, 2018 @ 2:42 pm | Reply

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