Uncommon Sense

September 10, 2018

The “Active Measures” Documentary

There is a new documentary available on iTunes (for $3.99 rental) called “Active Measures.” The term is Russian and describes the efforts Russia makes to undermine other countries without going to war with them.

If you haven’t been following the story of President Trump’s ties with Russia closely, this documentary takes you step by step through the information. I was moderately well versed in the story, but I learned a great many things and also I learned about how what the Russians have done with Mr. Trump, they have done a number of times to other leaders in recent history.

The Russians, who are no longer a “superpower,” are one of those several countries whose “defense budget” when added to those of a number of other major states, still doesn’t quite come up to what the U.S. spends. Consequently, they can no longer bully major players in the Great Game. They can, and do, bully individual weaker countries and their strategy is to break up alliances in opposition to them (EU, NATO, etc.) so they can pick off individual countries one by one. Their strategies involve major dirty tricks operations including hacking computers which are used to state election results abroad and in the U.S.

Their strategy regarding the US is to sow discord so that we can no longer effectively use our military might (due to divided opinion at home).

If you are curious as to why Donald Trump is so friendly toward Russia, and Vladimir Putin personally, you need to see this documentary. Very revealing. (Spoiler Alert: If Trump isn’t in Putin’s pocket, he is making a tremendously good impression of being so. There doesn’t seem to be an upside for The Donald in being Vladimir’s BFF.)





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