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July 31, 2018

And Everyone Gets a Trophy

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I remember walking into a trophy shop to get some embroidering done quite some time ago and the entire shop floor was covered in trophies. I asked about that and the proprietor told me that they were for a youth softball league in which every player was to get the same trophy. As a young athlete who played sports from Little League through four years of college basketball, and ended up with exactly one trophy, this seemed more than a little bizarre. Giving everyone the same trophy makes the trophy meaningless. (I still have my one and only trophy from fifty years ago. I doubt whether any of those softball trophies is anywhere but in a landfill at this point.

Okay, so why do I bring this up?

I bring it up because it exemplifies the latest attack on atheism. Anti-atheist Christians are going around now, claiming that we are all sinners! Even the most holy of Christians is a sinner, they say: the Pope, Mother Theresa, even William Lane Craig and Lee Strobel!

How is an atheist going to get props from the atheist community when we are just one of the peanut gallery of sinners? Clearly this War on Atheists is a war of dilution. We will no longer stand out as megasinners, we are just one of myriad fish in the sea. We will lose our allure and no longer be able to entice young Christians away from their Christian communities by offering a lifetime of sinning. They already have that!

This is serious folks and we have to figure out a response before we are diluted away into oblivion like some religious homeopathic nostrum.

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  1. Maybe the response should be, in Atheism there are no sinners?
    There are, of course, jerks, assholes, and criminals, and there are prisons and fines, but there are no punishments beyond the grave.

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    Comment by List of X — August 8, 2018 @ 10:09 am | Reply

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