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June 19, 2018

Sessions Cites Bible to Claim Every Law Must Be Followed Because Government Is an Extension of God

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You mean like when the Southern U.S. states seceded from the Union, Jeff? Or when the U.S. seceded from England? Or when the GOP ignored the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice under President Obama? Or that the rich avoid taxes through sketchy schemes rather than “rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s?”

And this asshole is the Attorney General of the United States of America?


  1. It’s biblical to enforce the law… except when that law was made by Obama.

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    Comment by john zande — June 19, 2018 @ 9:48 am | Reply

  2. Great post today Steve (er, Mr. President). Short, sweet and very truthful. Oh, and yeah, that jackass IS the Attorney General of ‘Merikkka. Any more doubts that the US empire is going down the old toilet now?


    Comment by Walter Kronkat — June 19, 2018 @ 12:03 pm | Reply

    • I can feel the water swirling around me already. I remember saying as a youth that my generation was uniquely placed to be an embarrassment to both our parents and our children. I wish I had not predicted the truth.

      I hope you’ve stocked up on scuba gear, studies show much of Florida is going to be under water in just a few decades. Stay dry, my friend!

      On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 12:03 PM, Class Warfare Blog wrote:



      Comment by Steve Ruis — June 19, 2018 @ 12:13 pm | Reply

  3. Sessions is a disgrace to humanity


    Comment by maryplumbago — June 20, 2018 @ 8:12 am | Reply

    • Certainly, which is why it is hard to grasp that he is in a position of power in any way, shape, or form in *our *government.

      On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 8:12 AM, Class Warfare Blog wrote:



      Comment by Steve Ruis — June 20, 2018 @ 8:25 am | Reply

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