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March 7, 2018

God’s Message to Mankind

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Finally, scientific proof of God’s existence has been proven by this photo taken by the Hubble telescope of a part of the Carina Nebula in November 2010.

(Source: Dusty Pulver on Quora)


  1. Sure that’s not God’s message to Trump and his enablers?

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    Comment by john zande — March 7, 2018 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

  2. Outstanding photo. I am amazed at those Hubble photos. Oh, this one is way cool. Is that really doG flipping the universe the “bird”? Sure has that look , but then I am an old broken down sarcastic SOB.
    Definitely a keeper photo.

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    Comment by Walter Kronkat — March 7, 2018 @ 1:52 pm | Reply

  3. Soundable,
    Thanks for your link. I like your web site. Man, your optical illusions are really going to mess with my old, fading brain…..(smile). So much to see at your site, wish I’d found it sooner.


    Comment by Walter Kronkat — March 8, 2018 @ 11:18 am | Reply

    • Hey, live much much longer and you will have time to catch up! (I am working on that myself … but I do have boundaries: “eat less and exercise more”, uh, that doesn’t sound like fun.

      On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 11:18 AM, Class Warfare Blog wrote:



      Comment by Steve Ruis — March 8, 2018 @ 11:32 am | Reply

  4. Perfect!


    Comment by Zach — March 9, 2018 @ 8:03 am | Reply

  5. Well now, there’s a message from the dog I can put some faith in.

    Oh, and “fuck you too asshole!”


    Comment by shelldigger — March 12, 2018 @ 2:04 pm | Reply

    • Was that an Arnold reference?

      On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 2:04 PM, Class Warfare Blog wrote:



      Comment by Steve Ruis — March 12, 2018 @ 2:06 pm | Reply

  6. Ha! I suppose it is. Though I was just giving what I get. Which is one of my natural tendencies 🙂


    Comment by shelldigger — March 12, 2018 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

    • It is hard not end up quoting the greats when they get rich saying what we would, but in a movie.

      On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 2:22 PM, Class Warfare Blog wrote:



      Comment by Steve Ruis — March 12, 2018 @ 2:25 pm | Reply

      • Well “fuck you asshole” is probably some pretty low hanging fruit for movie quotes, but yeah 🙂

        While I’m gone you behave. Know why?

        “Ill be back”


        Comment by shelldigger — March 12, 2018 @ 2:30 pm | Reply

        • My favor sequence was “And don’t forget Solly, this is my weak ahm.” as Arnold is holding said Solly over the edge of a cliff by his heels. Arnold’s counterpart later asks “Where’s Solly?” to which Arnold mutters “I had to let him go.” (In *Commando *of you were wondering.)

          On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 2:30 PM, Class Warfare Blog wrote:



          Comment by Steve Ruis — March 12, 2018 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

          • “Consider that a divorce” was pretty good too. (Total Recall) He just shot his wife…

            …and “Stick around” (Predator) was said to a guy stuck to a pole with a BAN. (Big ass knife)

            Ahnold movies might not all be A grade, but they always have great one liners.


            Comment by shelldigger — March 12, 2018 @ 3:05 pm | Reply

            • They must have had dedicated tag writers for his movies. There are so many good ones.

              The context is interesting too. There is this enticing myth that each of us can take care of his family/friends/comrades. These hero types Arnold plays almost never call in the authorities, and if they do the authorities are either incredibly inept or corrupt. Now I know they have to have a premise for the hero to take action (movies with no conflict are rarely interesting) but still…. I remember back is a pre-teen thinking that being the Incredible Hulk would be way cool. The TV series reinforced this and reminded me of how cool it would be if some criminal was bullying me or threatening me or my family, that I could turn into this almost invincible green monster and trash his ass. Plus, one got to wake up not really remembering the details of what happened, per se, so morally one didn’t have to be responsible.

              The myth is one of individual power and it has been with us forever. We all would like to have the power to change our situation. Even when Arnold’s characters worked for powerful government agencies, even they didn’t have the power to constrain his character. This myth gets reinforced over and over and what do unstable young men (always men) do when they have access to instruments of power? Unfortunately too much.

              On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 3:05 PM, Class Warfare Blog wrote:



              Comment by Steve Ruis — March 14, 2018 @ 9:42 am | Reply

              • No doubt we can credit the writers for the iconic one liners. It is too easy to want to give credit where it isn’t due.

                That myth of individual power thing, occaisionally an individual can rise up and do incredible things, it doesn’t happen that often. But it is a dream many of us share at some point, usually in childhood, just before the reality checks start coming in.

                What gets me nowadays, with the movies, is our heroes can pull off 10,197 fantastical moves, that would each require a near impossible perfection, all in a span of an hour and a half long movie.

                I’d much prefer they would get a little more real, and less Hollywood, in Hollywood.


                Comment by shelldigger — March 15, 2018 @ 5:22 am | Reply

                • Yeah, often a movie has a protagonist pulling off a hundred incredibly improbable feats in a few hours, when just one would make somebodies day. I presume this comes from oneupsmanship, but it is hard to say. I suspect that “reality” is not all that appealing right now and that is possibly why fantasies are more appealing. They are a diversion from the steady march of bad news in our lives and a suggestion that we can control events … fictionally. of course.


                  Comment by Steve Ruis — March 15, 2018 @ 8:27 am | Reply

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