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May 5, 2017

Democracy? Naw, Can’t Have That

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For a recent article in The Guardian, a blurb writer came up with the teaser “Theresa May’s Brexit Britain can no longer be considered a serious country.” WTF? Apparently the criticism is being directed at the U.K.’s political leaders, for not having properly husbanded the Brexit voters in the first place and then not adopting enough of a “woe is me” attitude in preparing for the coming event. Those leaders should be preparing the Brits for all of the nasty consequences of the exit of the U.K. from the European union, they say.

Of course, these very same people were ones who believed the best thing European governments could do in the face of the greatest recession since the Great Depression was (is!) to cut government spending and go full austerity, against everything that has worked in the past (primarily government deficit spending to get the economy up and running again). You always need to “consider the audience” if you are the speaker and “consider the speaker” if you are the audience.

Apparently, also, democracy is déclassé. The people should just shut up and let the experts decide things. Populism is now a dirty word. Voters are seen as “politics consumers” who need to be moved to do the “right thing” by modern marketing, big data, and propaganda efforts. Consequently, I believe that even if the U.K. voter’s decision was wrong, I think they were right to bitch slap their political class, if only to show them who is in charge. Politicians should be scurrying around looking for the best way to execute their master’s wishes, not decrying their lack of good sense.

If only the people in this country would do something similar.

I admit to some trepidation that, in our current state of powerlessness, we elected Mr. Trump as our Brexit vote. I guess time will tell. I do not see the election of Mr. Trump having any effect on the normal politics of Washington, D.C. Maybe the midterm elections will tell.


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