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July 7, 2016

Why Cops are Blazing Away at Black People

The Nation ran an article (Why Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Are Dead by Kai Wright) which had the subtitle “We have too much law enforcement, too deeply enmeshed in our lives, and that fact is making us less, not more safe.” Unfortunately the article misses the mark. No matter how many or few police there are, we have many, many, many examples of police officers treating white people gently, even when they are walking down the street naked or drunk with a shotgun, and Black people being treated as if they were psychopaths. (The latest case was one in which a Black man told a police officer, before he reached for his wallet to show his driver’s license, that he had a gun that was permitted, the cop drew on him and shot him dead).

The reason for this difference is simple: the cops have been programmed to consider Black males as hostile and dangerous. No, I do not deny that there are neighborhoods in which many young Black men are hostile and dangers, but the police have come to the conclusion that all young black men are hostile and dangerous, even those carrying cellos, or toys, or babies, for Pete’s sake.

This is a direct result of the elimination of Jim Crow laws.

Recall that Jim Crow laws were a result of the elimination of slavery. Those laws were supposed to keep those Black people in their place (under some White person’s boot heel?). But when the Jim Crow laws were determined to be illegal, something had to be done! (Yeah, right.) What was done was use every tiny aspect of the law to put them into jail. In the South they were even put on work gangs to pay the bill for their incarceration, which is de facto slavery.

The reason police see a Black male, armed or unarmed, and perceive them as threatening and are all to easily triggered to pulling their weapons and blazing away is that … they … are … terrified.”

To support this criminal distortion of our justice system, a campaign was waged to make sure people knew how dangerous young Black men were. Remember Super Predators? (If you can’t recall, ask Hillary Clinton, she does.) Remember the “New Black Panthers” on Fox (Sic) News?

By supplying all young Black men with a criminal record, you can then legally deny them the right to vote, and deny them jobs for which they otherwise qualify, amongst other things. Since they have no reasonable means of support, they are then tempted (some are at least) to a life of crime, which just reinforces the false narrative that got them where they were in the first place.

What I don’t understand is “What do the assholes who perpetrated this scam have against Black people?” Black people were primary brought into this country as slaves. But unlike White indentured servants, there was no end to their involuntary contract, and in addition, their children were automatically covered by the contact. All recognize this practice as being wrong now (not so much back then). Then after Black slaves were emancipated, they received nothing by grief as recompense for their forced labor, and still are receiving grief to this day.

The reason police see a Black male, armed or unarmed, and perceive them as threatening and are all too easily triggered to pulling their weapons and blazing away is that … they … are … terrified. The Brotherhood of Policemen shares stories that reinforce the “all Black males are hostile and dangerous” false narrative. Ever over-the-top story is met with another even more frightening, these stories having been collected over decades and saved to share over and over with new hirees, etc. The end result is the police treat Black people, especially young Black men, like they would a rabid dog and they often don’t hesitate to put those dogs down.

The police have been programmed by white supremacist terrorists. What else can you call the perpetrators of this hoax? They are white, think Black people are inferior, and are spreading terror. Yet they wear no hoods and are woven into our society almost invisibly.



  1. Reblogged this on Nan's Notebook and commented:
    Steve speaks the truth


    Comment by Nan — July 7, 2016 @ 3:19 pm | Reply

  2. Yes, this is true. BUT the problem with law enforcement in America, and what they are being programmed to do, is more pernicious than that. If you live where I live in rural America, where there’s a lack of black men to hunt down, you will find a similar, albeit not exactly the same, agenda on the part of law enforcement…one that it is directed at the poor, powerless, and marginalized folks of society, irrespective of culture and race. There is an increasing national agenda, with an increasingly militarized police presence EVERYWHERE, that targets the under classes of America. The undesirables. The homeless. Organized Tom Sawyer whitewash brigades of thug cops (of all races by the way) out to beautify America. While the genocide being perpetuated on young black men in America needs a spotlight of its own, there is a larger, growing class war increasingly being waged, worldwide, by the 1 percent against the remaining 99 percent of us. And the 1 percent waging this class war, with their rogue bands of militarized police, are made up of every race, culture, and ethnicity. I’d suggest we need a wider spotlight on what is ‘actually’ going on, and a much broader response of disgust and opposition.


    Comment by Zachary — July 7, 2016 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

  3. This seems to be spot on with what Ive seen. Well said sir.


    Comment by shelldigger — July 8, 2016 @ 6:04 am | Reply

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