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January 31, 2014

The One Percent Speaks Out!

Lately we have heard form some members of the one percent, which is somewhat surprising in that they, like mice, tend to prefer to remain hidden from plain view. The most recent examples of one percenters who just couldn’t remain silent were complaining about their bad press. One messenger warned the Pope that he had better not carry his anti-greed screed too far, otherwise donations could just have a way of falling off. (And we know what comes next: “Eh, padre, youse gotta nice church here; it would be a shame if sumpin’ were to happen to it.) The other was complaining that populist class warfare like is being espoused by populists can lead to another Kristallnacht (presumably he is referring to the possible breakage of his wine goblets, certainly a one percenter wouldn’t pull a Nazi reference out of his ass—er, what . . . oh, that was a Nazi reference, uh, okay).

Apparently some of the one percent are getting a little nervous about their bad press and, of course, the thin-skinned are the first to speak out, but playing the “Class Warfare Card” is just too much.

Name me a one percenter who hasn’t donated money to a politician with a message to keep his taxes low (raising ours is okay). Name one who hasn’t tacitly or explicitly worked to disenfranchise worker’s unions in the last twenty years. Name one who hasn’t donated money to conservative think tanks or conservative PACs who have been carrying their political water for them. Name one who has gone out of his way to not suppress working people’s wages.

In other words, the “One Percent” have been waging class war for the past 35 years and when people finally woke up and began to take notice, they scream “Class War! Class War!” while pointing to the people whose economic interests they have just soundly trounced in their secret class war.

I have a message for them: keep sweating. We will not let up until you are back in your place. We will let you keep your toys but if you continue trying to hold onto the obscene amount of power you have accrued through your class war, don’t blame me when somebody approaches you and comments “ Eh, youse gotta a nice thing going there, it’d be a shame if . . . ”



  1. Staying hidden from a multitude of leaches, parasites and bandits is the smart thing to do.

    Vive la 1%!!


    Comment by silenceofmind — January 31, 2014 @ 12:31 pm | Reply

  2. Warren Buffet would be one and there may one or two more billionaires like him but there actually is quite a list of 2%ers (multi-millionaires) who favor tax increases. I am actually working on a post that points this out while highlighting the vitriol by others aimed at people like Buffet for making them look like the greedy fools they are.


    Comment by lbwoodgate — January 31, 2014 @ 1:44 pm | Reply

    • I was just reading where Buffet’s company has millions of unpaid taxes on the books, but I can’t confirm that. Buffet may be one of the “good” ones but he certainly is not typical, being a “traitor to his class” I believe the comment was.


      Comment by stephenpruis — January 31, 2014 @ 2:41 pm | Reply

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