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January 8, 2014

Hey GOP, Where Are the Effing Jobs?

The GOP has insisted that it is wealthy people and wealthy corporations, the people they represent, who create jobs in this country. They even coined the label “job creators” so they didn’t have to use words like “wealthy” and “rich” to describe their patrons.

If what they say were true, then we should be up to our asses in jobs. The rich have acquired immense wealth. The corporations seemingly extract tax benefits from state and local governments at whim. net corporate tax receipts are at very low levels, and government spending has been greatly curtailed. Corporations have over $2 trillion in cash reserves. The six Walmart heirs have more money than the bottom 40% of all Americans.

All of these elements were stated as being necessary for “job creation.” Yet, there is a national average of three job seekers for every job, much worse than that in high unemployment areas, and many of the jobs available are low wage, in fact wages for working people haven’t kept up with productivity gains ( a measure of what those workers create for their employers) at all for nearly 40 years.

So, GOP, where are the effing jobs?


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  1. President Obama has been in office for over 5 years.

    At what point are leftists going to hold him accountable for his own administration?

    In spite of Congress having granted President Obama multi-trillions of dollars in economic stimulus over the last 5 years he is still trying to chisel more multi-billions of dollars in unemployment benefits.

    GOP Ronald Reagan cured the Jimmy Carter mess in only 18 months and took full responsibility for his actions.


    Comment by silenceofmind — January 8, 2014 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

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