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December 24, 2013

Where Have All the Revenues Gone? Long Time Passing.

There is a constant drumbeat by Republicans that corporate taxes are too high. It is taken as common knowledge by self-important Washington-types. Consider the following graphic:

share of federal tax revenueDo you wonder how it is that corporations have gotten to the point that they no longer pay their fair share of federal taxes? Was that an accident? an oversight? And who picked up the slack? Notice that income tax and payroll tax shares have both increased over that time. Also note that the percent of those taxes paid by rich people has actually declined.

Could it be that corporations have gotten the laws changed to shift the tax burden off of them and on to us (there were a couple hundred registered lobbyists in 1971, 30,000+ now)?

And the drum is still being beaten “corporate taxes are too high, corporate taxes are too high!”

When will you say “Enough!” and do something about it?

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