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December 12, 2013

Are Republicans Politicians Really Scum-Sucking Pigs?

According to today’s Republicans, unemployment benefits aren’t a palliative that allow people who have lost their jobs to escape economic disaster until they can find another. No, they are a moral trap leading to sloth and “taker-hood.” Getting something for nothing is an offense to these conservative stalwarts.

These same Republicans seem to be fine, though, with paying farmers to not plant crops, some of those farmers holding seats in the House of Representatives. They seem to be fine with giving oil companies subsidies that were inaugurated in the early 1900s to stimulate oil production when the price of a barrel of oil was measured in cents rather than dollars. Republicans have blocked repeated attempts to remove those subsidies even though said oil companies are the most profitable of all companies now.

Ah, I have finally understood the Republican’s policy position; it is simply “Yes to rich, no to the poor.”


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