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November 29, 2013

If Obamacare is Not Working for You, Blame Your Governor!

If you have gone onto the website and it hasn’t worked for you, blame your Governor. The federal government doesn’t sell the insurance you need, so why did your Governor not accept the funds provided for your state to put up it’s own website? Look to the states which did so: California, Kentucky, Washington, New York, and a number of others. Hear any gnashing of teeth about their experiences? No? Well, guess what, only insurance companies licensed to sell insurance in your state are allowed to sell you health insurance. You can’t get it from another state. The good states have an Insurance Commissioner who regularly deals with those companies and would work with them to set up a clean, well-run website. But the federal website had to be able to offer plans from all of the states, an almost impossible problem.

So, why didn’t your state set up its own website with the money provided? Ask your Governor.

You might also want to know whether your Governor turned down the free Medicaid expansion that would have provided medical insurance to many thousands of your neighbors. The entire expansion was and is paid for by the federal government. If your state subsequently found out that there were some hidden costs to it that weren’t apparent up front, it could drop out in the future, but many states didn’t even try to extend this medical coverage to the poorest in their states.

Ask your Governor. I think he was worried that you’d get a little too comfortable with all of those government handouts. Why you might even be able to feed your kids and take them to the doctor (not the Emergency Room) when they got sick.

Ask your Governor. Then you’ll know who to vote for in the next elections. I’m sure he has a good reason or at least a good story as to why he did what he did. I am sure he wouldn’t play politics with your health. Just ask him.


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