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November 26, 2013

What Do We Want? Ignorance! When Do We Want It? Now!

“The Texas Board of Education on Friday delayed final approval of a widely used biology textbook because of concerns raised by one reviewer that it presents evolution as fact rather than theory.” So says the New York Times today.


Evolution is both a fact and a theory. Actually there are several theories covering that field of study. There are theories of gravity; does anyone deny that gravity is also a fact? There are theories about why it is atoms join up to make molecules, quite a number of them really. Does anyone doubt that atoms join up to make molecules? Anyone? No? Even though nobody has ever seen an atom or a molecule per se? No?

So why is there this battle over how Evolution, a matter of scientific explanation, is explained?

Oh, Christians . . . again.

Well, not all Christians, just the American Protestant varieties who believe that every single word in their bible is true and the “word of their god.” Well, appaprently it is not enough that these folks are the laughingstock of the entire English-speaking world, they also want to make a singularly large bet. By insisting that every . . . single . . . word in their bible is true, they are setting up a test, a test which if they fail, their whole religion comes tumbling down. If one thing in their bible is proven not to be true, then oblivion comes.

Interestingly enough, they are also proving the power of ignorance, actually ignor-ance. There are myriad contradictions in their book of the “both cannot possibly be true” variety. For example, in Chapter 1 (you know, Genesis), there are two lists of what Yahweh created on each of the six days of creation. And the lists have different orders of creation. Both cannot be true. The evangelicals safeguarding our schools from Evolution ignore this fact. There are hundreds of examples of flat out contradictions that are similar. They ignore those, too.

Actually the first five books of their Holy Bible were written as a political fiction in the sixth century BCE to support a land grab of a king of Judea. This is accepted by the people who wrote and cared for those books of the bible, the Jews. This is taught in most Christian seminaries to be true, except maybe a few who prefer ignor-ance.

So, these worthy theists in Texas don’t have a leg to stand on, but are defending their right to be ignorant and their children (and your children, too, as the Texas schoolbook market is big enough to affect all of the textbooks sold in the U.S.) to be ignorant and you will have to pry their bibles out of their cold, dead fingers. It is a shame they haven’t read them.


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  1. Love it! And, sir, you’ve done it again: “Fighting for their right to be ignorant.” That there is the soundbite. You’re a machine with these reverse turns of words


    Comment by john zande — November 26, 2013 @ 11:48 am | Reply

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