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November 26, 2013

I’m Mad As Hell, and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore!

The corporate elites and monied interests are trying to replace the label “citizen” with the word “consumer.” Stripping the poor of food stamps, the middle class of fair wages, students of a future, seniors of Medicare, and many of the right to vote, etc. results in there being nothing left for us but to be shoppers. Well, I have had enough I won’t play their game.

The puppet masters of the Tea Party and Republican politicians, have turned a somewhat social holiday weekend, that of Thanksgiving, into a shopping event. We are bombarded with advertisements to shop, shop, shop this weekend. They invented “Black Friday” as an attempt to extend the Christmas shopping season into new levels. Now they have decided that Black Friday is not enough, that stores need to be open on Thanksgiving Thursday, and Small Business Saturday, and. . . . so we can shop ‘til we drop.

I will not play their game.

I will not enter a store on Thanksgiving Day. Period.

I will not enter a store on Black Friday. Period.

I don’t care how much chumming they do, I will not bite on their special offers! If you encourage bad behavior, it will just get worse. I don’t want 25-50% off. I want fair wages for people’s labor. Consequently, I will not shop at WalMart or K-Mart or any other store that doesn’t pay fair wages.

I will not be a consumer to suit their needs. I am a god-damned citizen.

These conservative rich bastards don’t believe in Evolution but are the ultimate Social Darwinists. If they are rich, they are clearly superior and belong at the top of the pyramid. If you are beneath them in their imaginary pyramid, it is because you are unworthy. If you are poor, it is your fault. If your neighborhood school I substandard, don’t fix it, close it. These are the correct values according to these assholes: business values. Survival of the fittest is the rule of business and they are the fittest, by definition, because only money has any meaning to them as a measure of “fitness.” And they are turning our democracy, our society into just another low wage WalMart.

Don’t support them.

Open your window and shout “I’m Mad As Hell, and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore!” And don’t shop this weekend. And don’t shop at WalMart and their ilk until they show they have recovered their civic senses and decide to pay living wages.


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