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November 10, 2013

Conservatives Fall off of Their Talking Points! No Injuries Reported.

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The food and drug administration (FDA) has decided that as a heart disease preventative to ban “trans fats” in prepared foods. The earliest synthetic trans fat sources being hydrogenated vegetable shortening (Crisco, margarine, etc.) so this edict affects fat frying food producers and a great many others (synthetic fats being way cheaper and more consistent that natural fats).

Normally this kind of Nanny State edict from a government agency would set conservative’s hair on fire, but the response so far has been tepid. The few conservatives speaking have calmly said that consumers should be allowed to choose for themselves what they eat, that this is not a proper role of government.

In other words, conservatives are “pro choice,” well, maybe only for those activities that make their corporate sponsors large profits.


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