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October 24, 2013

They Are Who We Thought They Were

Back in May of 2010 in my 13th post, I described the Tea Party folks pretty much to a tee. Many don’t remember but the Repubs were crushed when Barack Obama won back in 2008. So many people couldn’t believe that their candidate was beaten by a black guy that they stopped identifying as being Republican. The percentage of the electorate willing to identify themselves as Republican sharnk to a frightening low. I described it as a flash flood having scraped away all but the bedrock of a stream. It was then that radical conservatives (the rock-ribbed Repubs, see the metaphor and the linkage, nice, eh?) realized that they then formed a majority of the shrunken Republican Party and were energized to take over. They had always been consider a fringe part of the GOP family so they were pandered to but not taken seriously. That was to change.

The zeitgeist for these people was that “their country” was being taken over by “those people,” and the thought of their tax monies being given to unworthy black and brown people was just evil, it was Socialism, it was Naziism, it was unthinkable. They wanted “their country” back, you know the one run by and for white people.

While I think that having a Christian Evangelical core didn’t help, the behaviors of these people clearly show that they worship not Jesus, but money, power, and prejudice. Because the Supreme Court has seen fit to multiply the voices of the rich over the poor and middle class, and the rich are largely conservative, power flowed to these “New Conservatives.” Access to that power has attracted the unscrupuled who care little for the country, less for its black and brown citizens, who they fear, and who are willing to burn the house down to remove the infestation.

It will be interesting to see how many voters actually continue to vote for these people.

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