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October 13, 2013

Does Being Cut by a Two-Edged Sword Hurt More?

Late in the evening on September 30, 2013, the House Rules Committee Republicans changed the Rules of the House so that the only Member allowed to call up the Senate’s clean continuing budget resolution (CR) for a vote is the Speaker himself or Majority Leader Eric Cantor or his designee. This was a move to block any other parlimentary move to get a telling vote on the Senate bill.

Please realize that the Senate bill was based on a deal cut by Speaker Boehner at spending levels including the sequestration and over the objections of many Democrats just to keep the government functioning. It was and is a compromise on the part of the Senate and House Democrats. So much for “they won’t compromise,” and wasn’t compromise a dirty word for Republicans just a short while ago?

The move by Boehner will, in the best tradition of two-edged swords, also make it quite obvious who caved when he himself (or more likely his designee) brings the bill to a vote which is almost a must at this point as there is no time left for a new bill to make its way through both houses.



  1. I’m pretty sure this is information NOT shared on FOX Noise, the station that 30% of TV audiences claim they watch to be “properly” informed.


    Comment by lbwoodgate — October 14, 2013 @ 8:16 am | Reply

    • Yeah, they would need some Republican stooge to go on camera and say “No, we didn’t.” to make it “Fair and Balanced.”


      Comment by stephenpruis — October 14, 2013 @ 8:18 am | Reply

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