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September 18, 2013

Look Out Republicans! The Market is Coming! The Market is Coming!

Filed under: Economics,Politics — Steve Ruis @ 11:52 am

The most recent manifestation of Obama Derangement Syndrome is the last ditch effort of Congressional Republicans to pull the life support off of Obamacare. (Does this make the House Republican Caucus a death panel?)

The urgency is propelled by the October 1st opening of the state “Insurance Exchanges” mandated by the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).

Now, it is important to note that the vast majority of you all don’t have to lift a finger to receive considerable benefits from this law. If you already have health insurance, you are good to go. Nothing more to do. You are done.

The health insurance exchanges are for those who do not now have health insurance coverage. So, what will you find when you consult the “health insurance exchanges?”

Oh my, no, no, . . . it’s, . . . it’s a marketplace! No wonder the Republicans are terrified! (Yes, I am being sarcastic!)

Instead of going to a insurance agent or even two and seeing what they can do for you, all of the companies offering insurance in your state will tout their wares in the exchanges (or if they don’t, they won’t benefit from all of the new business). You will be able to compare side-by-side all of the plans being offered, not just the one’s an insurance agent thinks are “right for you.” And you will be able to compare what they cost side-by-side! (Maybe this is what is terrifying the Republicans because the early returns on the exchanges is that insurance companies are lowering their rates to be competitive and you know what that means (hint: lower profits).) And if you cannot afford any of the plans offered, the federal government will subsidize your insurance until you can.

Yep, that is what the Republicans are willing to lop off the economy’s head for—a free market for health insurance! Oh, the horror, the horror!


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